Thursday, December 1, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, December 2nd 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 2nd 2016.

December 2nd 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Not as much LESSSO
Rolls with the punches ADAPTS
Some hospital readings VITALS
"Can you break ___?" ATEN
Fearless BOLD
Heraldic wreath ORLE
Only creature besides humans to farm other creatures ANT
"If things don't change ..." ATTHISRATE
Something an athlete puts on GAMEFACE
Reward for acting well? OSCARNOD
Genteel establishment TEAROOM
Decade when ZIP codes were introduced SIXTIES
Verge EVE
Grumpy state BADMOOD
Scottish "John" IAN
Presumptive APRIORI
Front ends? CEASEFIRES
"Her name is ___ and she dances on the sand" (1983 pop lyric) RIO
It borders Hudson Bay: Abbr. ONT
"The best or nothing" sloganeer, informally MERCEDES
Arm-twists COERCES
Claims, with "on" HASDIBS
Xerox setting: Abbr. LTR
"Dr. Strangelove" or "Borat" SATIRE
When Banquo dies in "Macbeth" ACTIII
"You ___ worry" NEEDNT
What a needle may indicate: Abbr. MPH
Syllables in a children's refrain HIHO
Shortly ANON
Oz. sextet TSPS
Dictionary's end ZEE
Ceremonial basin LAVABO
Pakistan's ___ Khan University AGA
Downloaded, say GOT
One may open an issue EDITORSNOTE
Suffix with lip- ASE
It comes with a dish SATELLITETV
Universal Studios, formerly MCA
Athletic wear named for an anagram of what it does SPANDEX
Female in the woods SHEBEAR
Card initials STL
Monkey with a repetitive name TITI
Hairstyle that's very big AFRO
"Odyssey" peak OSSA
Parting words CIAOS
Paul of "There Will Be Blood" DANO
Emulate a popinjay PREEN
"Annie Hall" or "Notting Hill" ROMCOM
Montessori and Sharapova MARIAS
Sat in a dugout? CANOED
Pha�thon's father, in myth HELIOS
Ball game LOTTO
Dinosaur in Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" ARLO
First name in foundations ESTEE
Southern California's ___ Point DANA
Lasting impression SCAR
"M*A*S*H" co-star FARR
Picture frame? CEL
Article of personal property CHATTEL
Veiled promise? IDO
Cracker Jack come-on PRIZEINSIDE
Jerry's partner BEN
"Fingers crossed!" HERESHOPING
Dallas-to-Houston dir. SSE
Verb that can combine with its past tense SEE
Like some inspections ONSITE

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