Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, December 7th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 7th 2016.

December 7th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Like an epic fail AWFUL
Slacks material CHINO
Mexican tourist city known for its silver TAXCO
Impulsive RECKLESS
"___ momento" UNO
Hosts MCS
Diminutive, fashionwise PETITE
Obese "Star Wars" character JABBA
Some street scenes URBANART
Spy communication spots DEADDROPS
Square dance party? GAL
Subj. for many green card seekers ESL
Only four-term prez FDR
Many, many years EONS
Unlikely to ask someone out SHY
Vogue competitor ELLE
___ Rida ("My House" rapper) FLO
Jaded feeling ENNUI
Specifics, slangily DEETS
"I don't give a ___" HOOT
Bluff-busting words ICALL
Florida senator Marco RUBIO
Blows the whistle STOPSPLAY
Dermatologist's concern PORE
Cattle thieves RUSTLERS
Actor Penn of "Milk" SEAN
Working diligently HARDATIT
Bug that thrives in the winter FLU
"I pity the fool" speaker MRT
Takes over COOPTS
Mombasa is its second-largest city KENYA
Skilled ADEPT
Besides others: Abbr. ETC
Used to be WAS
Sam Adams Rebel ___ IPA
I.S.P. whose logo contains a period AOL
Eponymous Belgian tourist locale SPA
One of two in "Hamilton" ACT
Back end of a horse RUMP
Form an impression of JUDGE
Question asked with an open mouth WHA
Border with many posts FENCE
Some are restricted AREAS
*Expense independent of production FIXEDCOST
Pop open, as a bottle UNCORK
Does something naughty ISBAD
Bird on Canada's $1 coin LOON
*How Clayton Kershaw pitches LEFTHANDED
"Frankenstein" author SHELLEY
___ Duncan, Obama education secretary ARNE
Org. that investigated Al Capone IRS
Munch Museum's city OSLO
Disposed (to) PRONE
*One of a dozen for a sweetheart CUTROSE
*Decathlon event SHOTPUT
Surrounding ABOUT
Phobia FEAR
Girl in the fam SIS
Things that may be locked or sealed LIPS
High-end British sports car MCLAREN
*Something to make up LOSTGROUND
Fried ___ (Southern dish) OKRA
Designated dwarf planet since 2006 PLUTO
A.P. Latin reading AENEID
Trickery WILES
Like either word in the answers to the five starred clues PASTTENSE
Disjointed APART
Essayist's starting point TOPIC
"Sure do" YEP
Final authority SAYSO
Adirondack chair part SLAT
Certain female soldier ANT

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