Thursday, December 22, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, December 23rd 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 23rd 2016.

December 23rd 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Immune system component TCELL
Strong fiber RAMIE
Tree that can survive forest fires ASPEN
Tony winner Rivera CHITA
Elephant's-ear TARO
Sappho dedicated one to Aphrodite ODE
National park sights RVS
Robin's refuge BATCAVE
Official records ACTA
Swim ___ MEET
Like a watchful driver DEFENSIVE
Copernicus, for one STARGAZER
Disney toon often pictured eating spaghetti LADY
Social group? TEASET
Shakespearean forest ARDEN
Impoverished state RAGS
Shelters for sheep COTES
___ DeVos, noted school choice advocate BETSY
Contact, say LENS
Rama's wife, in Hinduism SITA
"Let's see what you've got" IMPRESSME
Thread part REPLY
Bass organ GILL
More caustic HARSHER
Pre-Columbian civilization TOLTEC
Hercules slew it HYDRA
Bygone OLDEN
Filled again, as a flat RELET
Circus Maximus, e.g. ARENA
Virtually NIGH
Fixes badly? RIGS
Subject preceder INRE
Little jerks TICS
Suffix indicating a double bond ENE
Boulder setting: Abbr. MST
One may hold a ship in place TRACTORBEAM
Network initials DSL
It resembles an "n" when lowercase ETA
Northeast nickname, with "the" EMPIRESTATE
Man buns, e.g. FAD
Remain stationary while facing the wind, in nautical lingo LIETO
Toy car driver? CBATTERY
Actress Headey of "Game of Thrones" LENA
___ Sea, now four lakes ARAL
A.C.T. subj. ENG
Jones for CRAVE
___ metabolism BASAL
Warm spot in the snow SKILODGE
Crop, e.g. RESIZE
Life partners? INMATES
Square things GETEVEN
Many a listicle TOPTEN
Stereotypical man bun sporters HIPSTERS
Plot elements? ACRES
Keep score, say TALLY
Understanding KEN
Eponymous Paris suburb ORLY
Circle of friends at a party, perhaps HORA
Breathers? NOSTRILS
Harrison's vice president TYLER
Hospital lines, briefly IVS
Like moderates, politically INTHEMIDDLE
Beaut GEM
Common film background GREENSCREEN
Francis II dissolved it in 1806: Abbr. HRE
Game for the gifted? SECRETSANTA

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