Friday, December 9, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, December 10th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 10th 2016.

December 10th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Hall & Oates hit that asks "What went wrong?" SHESGONE
It rocks as it rolls PARTYBUS
Holiday ball ORNAMENT
The middle Karamazov brother IVAN
Impart LEND
Getting even with TYING
Sign of the cross? PEDXING
Election night news EXITPOLL
"So ___ happened" THAT
U.S. city whose name looks like a form of poker HILO
Prime minister who helped his country land the 2020 Summer Olympics ABE
Automotive pioneer Bugatti ETTORE
Got lippy with SASSED
Medevac destinations, informally ERS
Apportioning METING
Trailer for farm animals? EIEIO
Dissipate, as ardor COOL
Island home to the Sleeping Giant mountain KAUAI
Plains tribe OTOS
___ Baptist Church, where M.L.K. Sr. and Jr. preached EBENEZER
Where you might warm up after a run SKILODGE
Supercilious CAVALIER
Workers making lots of dough? KNEADERS
Building supports IBEAMS
Gogol's Aksenty Poprishchin, per the title MADMAN
San Antonio-based refinery giant that acquired Arco in 2013 TESORO
Little bark YIP
Spenders of 100-dinar notes depicting Nikola Tesla SERBS
Subway ___ STOP
Subway ___ LINE
Blowout ROUT
Fast runner HARE
Baby boomer, e.g., in Aussie slang ROO
"Summer's joys are ___ by use": Keats SPOILT
Play with an imaginary friend HARVEY
Leader in a suit? EXHIBITA
Elvira's love, in opera ERNANI
Sicilian Italian and others DIALECTS
Rub elbows with, say STANDNEXTTO
More than staggers KOS
Setting for many a political rally GYM
Film set schlepper GRIP
Extremely endomorphic OBESE
Three sheets to the wind SNOCKERED
Ambassador sent by the Vatican NUNCIO
Gallery habitu� ESTHETE
Comedian who voiced the lead in "The Secret Life of Pets" LOUISCK
Analogue of Lot's wife in Greek mythology NIOBE
Sri ___ LANKAN
Runner-up to "Baby Got Back" on VH1's "40 Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the '90s" IMTOOSEXY
"Go ahead, you got me" IGIVE
"And a Voice to Sing With" memoirist BAEZ
"JAG" spinoff NCIS
A.L. West team, on scoreboards LAA
Masthead listing, for short EDS
Certain choke in wrestling SLEEPERHOLD
Pay off gradually AMORTIZE
Tour schlepper ROADIE
Like Robinson Crusoe MAROONED
Justice who wrote the unanimous decision in United States v. Nixon BURGER
Directs (to) STEERS

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