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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 20th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 20th 2016.

December 20th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Word repeated in "What's ___ is ___" PAST
Decadent, as cake RICH
"Eww!" inducer ODOR
Pilgrimage destinations MECCAS
Pamphlets, postcards and such EPHEMERA
Mark Twain, notably WIT
Org. concerned with climate change EPA
Johnny of "Sleepy Hollow" DEPP
Bottom-feeding fish known formally as the morwong SEACARP
Like the D-Day assault on Normandy AMPHIBIOUS
Texter's "As I see it ..." IMO
Trip around the track LAP
Cool, quaintly NEATO
"___ Andronicus" TITUS
Bridge support TRUSS
Starting place, on a map POINTA
H�gar the Horrible's dog SNERT
Jewish organization on campus HILLEL
Sycophantic OBSEQUIOUS
Fortunes FATES
Remove, as spilled ink BLOTUP
Certain jabs LEFTS
Muchacho's sweetie CHICA
Back out of RENEGEON
"___ Squad" (2016 hit movie) SUICIDE
Two-toned horse PINTO
Bad car to road-trip in LEMON
Mr. ___, host of "Fantasy Island" ROARKE
1961 space chimp ENOS
Color of unbleached silk ECRU
Similar (to) AKIN
Enforcer of the Fed. Meat Inspection Act USDA
North Pole worker ELF
Reed of the Velvet Underground LOU
Spa specialty, briefly TLC
Weed out? HOE
MacBook ___ PRO
Sounded kittenish MEWED
Something controlled by rigging SAIL
Assistance AID
Allergy sufferer's lifesaver EPIPEN
Title heroine who says "I would much rather have been merry than wise" EMMA
Clear adhesive SCOTCHTAPE
Software fix PATCH
Pack (down) TAMP
Backpackers' routes TRAILS
French royal line HOUSEOFBOURBON
Mad ___ LIBS
Omani money RIAL
Cardamom or turmeric SPICE
Ernie in the World Golf Hall of Fame ELS
Synagogue singers CANTORS
Something that fits in a lock OAR
Add details to, with "out" FLESH
Marie Antoinette lost hers in la R�volution fran�aise TETE
Get the ball rolling? PUTT
Cocktail usually served with an orange slice and a cherry TEQUILASUNRISE
Sloping water trough SLUICE
Drudge PEON
Start of Caesar's boast ICAME
French cake GATEAU
Surface-dwelling race in "The Time Machine" ELOI
How this puzzle's three drinks have been served? ONTHEROCKS
Booming LOUD
Like some fancy basketball passes NOLOOK
Purge (of) RID
Item in a box in the basement FUSE
Public squabble SCENE
A, in Andalusia UNA

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