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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 25th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 25th 2016.

December 25th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Support, as a foundation ENDOW
Dara who swam at five Olympics TORRES
Curmudgeonly CRABBY
Common Christmas entree HAM
Former Saudi king FAISAL
Release from shackles UNCUFF
Way up a bunny slope ROPETOW
San ___ Obispo, Calif. LUIS
Th�r�se, e.g.: Abbr. STE
Make available FREEUP
Bars for swingers? JUNGLEGYM
Go (for) OPT
Coral bleaching locale REEF
Drive mad DERANGE
Salty or spicy OFFCOLOR
Event with steeply discounted prices FIRESALE
Interest piquer TEASERAD
Sports team tally: Abbr. PTS
Boeing competitor AIRBUS
Dollar, in slang CLAM
Pittance SOU
One of nine for Tina Fey EMMY
Swedish lake that's the largest in the European Union VANERN
Suffix with beta or cyclo- TRON
Metaphor for punishment ROD
Standing ERECT
Luau locale BEACH
Cupronickel, e.g. ALLOY
Like some uncertain dates BLIND
Poppycock TRIPE
1998 N.L. M.V.P. SOSA
Night at the museo? NOCHE
___ the line (obeying) TOEING
Canoe builder's bark source BIRCH
"Quite true" ITISSO
Padlock's place HASP
Find common ground AGREE
What spirits can do SOAR
Toward the back AREAR
Kept for later SETBY
"A Visit From St. Nicholas" writer MOORE
Very loud AROAR
Isn't over yet PENDS
Maker of the fragrance Sauvage DIOR
Wreck, informally TRASH
Russian moolah RUBLES
Triangular road sign YIELD
Big purveyor of sports talk ESPNRADIO
Like a machine that prints, scans and faxes ALLINONE
Provider of the fizz in a gin fizz CLUBSODA
Worm or fly BAIT
Blubber SOB
Setting for some aerial maneuvers BIGTOP
"Well, Did You ___?" (Cole Porter tune) EVAH
"Hurry!" ACTFAST
Soy-based frozen dessert brand TOFUTTI
Flight attendant's offering TEA
Fisher of fashion EILEEN
Design feature SPEC
Hawks' hangouts AERIES
"John Wick" star REEVES
Mark with spots MOTTLE
Onetime alternative to Facebook Messenger GCHAT
Website with a Watch list EBAY
Vigorously debate (with) SPAR
Man cave, maybe DEN
Employee badges, e.g. IDS
It's a "gift" ESP
Name whose Italian equivalent is Giovanni IAN
Leave a permanent mark on ETCH
Stows, as a banner FURLS
Ice carving? FJORD
Frequently OFT
Romance writer Roberts NORA
Ultimately succeed PANOUT
Coin portraying Queen Victoria, once RUPEE
Quaint cry of disapproval FIE
Monastery title FRA
Sphere ORB
Personal problems ISSUES
Relay segment LEG
Roman emblem of power adopted by Mussolini FASCES
Big name in grills WEBER
Toward the back AFT
Gymnastics event VAULT
Means of death for Judas Iscariot NOOSE
Tight-lipped MUM
Took first WON
2007 Peace Prize recipient GORE
Rio greeting OLA
Makes minor observations? BABYSITS
Gum that comes in Fire and Ice varieties DENTYNE
Begot BRED
Letterhead? ELL
"Star Trek: T.N.G." counselor TROI
Leeway ROOM
Life force in Eastern medicine CHI
Handle with care? ALIASSISTANCE
Chart of the heavens STARMAP
River more than 2,700 miles long that crosses the Equator twice CONGO
Two turtledoves, e.g. PAIR
Cry at a surprise party just before the honoree arrives HIDE
Get a groove on? SCORE
Drink Gatorade after a workout, say HYDRATE
Calm before the storm? SERENITYPHOON
Blow it ERR
Red-haired biblical twin ESAU
Marco Polo crossed it GOBI
"Gnarly!" RAD
What a lead runner sets PACE
Some Bavarian brews RYEBEERS
Under the weather ILL
"Pronto!" ASAP
Part of a film studio tour LOT
Disney Channel's "___ and Maddie" LIV
Land bordering Nepal TIBET
Errands, e.g. TRIPS
A.T.M. expense FEE
Provider of limited coverage? THONG
Subject to a recall, maybe UNSAFE
Ginger ___ ALE
"You betcha!" SUREDO
Middle X or O TAC
Milne young 'un ROO
Stay ahead of the curve? ABIDECEPTIVEPITCH
December 31, e.g. END
___ Hawkins dance SADIE
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Baja's opposite ALTA
Setting for much of "Lord Jim" SEA
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse ___ TYSON
Stuck-up sort PRISS
Spot for brooding NEST

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