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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 11th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 11th 2016.

December 11th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Police broadcast, for short APB
Disfigure MAR
Climax of many a fantasy novel EPICBATTLE
Mass, e.g. RITUAL
Doubter's question ISIT
Small monetary amts. CTS
Light-colored wood ASH
Rod user ANGLER
Apple alternatives DELLS
Reply to 5-Down ITIS
"Rosy-fingered" Greek goddess EOS
Releases, dramatically UNHANDS
Without a doubt SURELY
Something to bank on ATM
Look for business? SUITANDTIE
Site of the infamous Hoa Lo Prison HANOI
___ bloom (result of fertilizer pollution) ALGAL
Burdens ONUSES
Home of Haleakala National Park MAUI
Empower ENABLE
Stomach-related GASTRIC
South American corn cakes AREPAS
Happened to BEFELL
Mark of success in business? CUBAN
Portrays feelings EMOTES
Was horrible STUNK
Onetime title for Bernie Sanders MAYOR
"Me neither" NORI
Former attorney general Holder ERIC
They go about two feet SOCKS
Ailing SICK
Spock's rank: Abbr. CMDR
Declined SLID
Target demographic for Hot Wheels BOYS
Bee follower CEE
"Ta-ta!" BYE
"The Simpsons" girl LISA
Like the planet in "Dune" ARID
"lol" HAHA
Upright ONEND
Observe OBEY
Drag away TOW
Zilch NADA
Opposite of fore AFT
Tea Partiers in Congress, e.g. BLOC
Apparel also called clamdiggers CAPRIPANTS
Agrees to fight TAKESON
Like many wedding cakes TIERED
Purported rural shenanigan COWTIPPING
Argument-ending reply SAYSME
"Go ahead, I'm listening" TRYME
Like snakes SCALY
Ticket CITE
Court reporter, e.g. STENO
Helper: Abbr. ASST
Caesar's "Commentaries on the ___ War" GALLIC
"The Real Slim Shady," for one RAPSONG
Actor Bruce WILLIS
"Brown Sugar" band, with "the" STONES
Not as lax FIRMER
Vibrating device PAGER
Siri : iPhone :: ___ : Amazon Echo ALEXA
Go for COST
"___ even" ICANT
"O mio babbino caro," for one ARIA
Be an agent (for) REP
Charles, par exemple ROI
Ice Bucket Challenge, for one FAD
Quaff in Middle-earth ALE
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Goal for some dropouts, for short GED
"The cauldron of Democracy" AMERICA
Leaving word ADIEU
Figure skater Cohen SASHA
Opponents of the Protestant Reformation PAPISTS
Pickup truck's capacity, maybe ONETON
Common word in insurance company names MUTUAL
Dialect that was called 22-Across before the age of colonialism BRITISHENGLISH
Giving heat? ARMING
Share CUT
Dummy symbols in ciphers NULLS
Fever fit AGUE
___ point TOA
"Fernando" band ABBA
System that was called 34-Across before the Internet SNAILMAIL
Concept that was called 36-Across before research into the square root of negatives REALNUMBER
Airport figs. ETDS
PBS's "___ Can Cook" YAN
Small newt EFT
Coins that pay for passage over the River Styx OBOLS
Believes (in) TRUSTS
Gridiron gains: Abbr. YDS
Terrier carrier PETCRATE
___ splints (runner's ailment) SHIN
Machinelike ROBOTIC
Cackle from a greedy person ALLMINE
Food that was called 53-Across before Twizzlers and the like BLACKLICORICE
Skimobile, informally SLED
"Tell me how you really feel!" SAYIT
Gross ICKY
Squeeze (out) EKE
Symbol for density RHO
Cinnamon candies REDHOTS
Personal datum: Abbr. SSN
Jackson 5 #1 hit ABC
Against ANTI
W.W. II danger UBOAT
Source of the saying "It is more blessed to give than to receive" ACTS
Fastener that was called 80-Across before a rounded design was implemented FLATHEADSCREW
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Belonging to the highest level TOPRANK
Part of the names of four state capitals CITY
Whoop CRY
Rids of vermin, in a way DERATS
Peddler's stock WARES
Quaint contraction TIS
Nickname of a "Game of Thrones" dwarf, with "the" IMP
Realtor's goal SALE
Entertainment category that was called 97-Across before talkies SILENTFILM
Object that was called 100-Across before electronic documents PAPERCOPY
"Good enough" ITLLDO
___ dixit IPSE
Part of Dixie: Abbr. ALA
Ages and ages EONS
Something you might have a gut feeling about? ECOLI
Painter Jean ARP
Horror and mystery GENRES
Activity that was called 111-Across before pesticides ORGANICFARMING
Not belonging to anybody NOONES
Property recipient ALIENEE
Aids in filing RASPS
Main points GISTS
"Oh, jeez!" DEARGOD

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