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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 26th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 26th 2016.

December 26th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Sushi bar finger food EDAMAME
Country whose currency, RUBLES, is almost an anagram of its name BELARUS
St. John the ___ BAPTIST
___ Antilles LESSER
Pennsylvania city or the lake it's on ERIE
Bygone point-to-point communication TELEX
Suffix with valid ATION
Gossipy sorts YENTAS
Border EDGE
Proportional to the surroundings INSCALE
Motorized POWERED
Like the Venus de Milo ARMLESS
Summer treat that melts in the sun CONE
Naval engineers SEABEES
Massachusetts' Mount ___ College HOLYOKE
Chi-town squad SOX
Airport screening grp. TSA
Container for dirty clothes BIN
Yoko who loved Lennon ONO
Common ingredient in pasta EGG
C.I.A. precursor OSS
Mafia big DON
Batting helmet part EARFLAP
Use for an attic or the cloud STORAGE
Ship with smokestacks STEAMER
Theologian Reinhold who wrote the Serenity Prayer NIEBUHR
Ilie who won both the U.S. and French Opens NASTASE
What meditators try to live in THENOW
Cry upon arriving IMHERE
Tour de France stage ETAPE
Martial ___ (judo and others) ARTS
Violent protests RIOTS
Stare slack-jawed GAPE
Part of a wolf or a lobster CLAW
Go out, as the tide EBB
Permit LET
Reply to a captain AYE
Brewpub offering, for short IPA
Org. that targets traffickers DEA
Raised, as a building ERECTED
Partner of neither NOR
Mountain on which you might yodel ALP
Stockpiling, in a way, as feed SILOING
Letters in a personals ad SWM
Gymnastics floor cover MAT
Directive for additional information SEENOTE
Cartoon pic CEL
Get out of bed ARISE
TV warrior princess XENA
Race loser in an Aesop fable HARE
Reflective sorts MUSERS
Fur wraps STOLES
This: Sp. ESTA
It's usually behind a viola in an orchestra OBOE
Flexible Flyers, e.g. SLEDS
Present time in England? ... or a hint to each set of circled squares BOXINGDAY
Lispers' banes ESSES
Scrubbed, as a NASA mission NOGO
Be ___ equal footing ONAN
Bear witness (to) ATTEST
Soviet premier Khrushchev NIKITA
Caviars ROES
Try, as a case HEAR
Track events MEETS
Lobster ___ diavolo (Italian dish) FRA
Hit pay dirt GETRICH
"You ___!" ("Absolutely!") BET
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Literary critic Broyard ANATOLE
Actress Thurman UMA
Get older AGE
Bruno Mars or Freddie Mercury POPSTAR
Some PCs HPS
The "p" in m.p.g. PER
Ram's mate EWE
Stockholm's home: Abbr. SWE
U.S.P.S. assignment: Abbr. RTE

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