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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 22nd 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 22nd 2016.

December 22nd 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Arctic shipping hazard FLOE
Region in western Germany RUHR
Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
From abroad? DES
Took potshots (at) SNIPED
Actress Sophia LOREN
A penny is a small one ANTE
Word cried 15 times in a row by Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally ..." YES
Not a knockoff REAL
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Some aerial show formations VEES
Bungles ERRS
Melancholy GLOOM
Moon of Saturn that's a French woman's name HELENE
Brunch option CREPE
Fairy tale sister GRETEL
Teacher's handfuls BRATS
Database manager's option MERGE
Writes on a blog POSTS
One of the founders of Westworld, on HBO's "Westworld" ARNOLD
Prepare for framing again, say REMAT
Fingered IDED
Big-selling Procter & Gamble product TIDE
Competent ABLE
Course requirements? TEES
Dog in the funnies SNERT
Girder also known as a rolled-steel joist IBEAM
Victor's cry IDIDIT
See 45-Across SIDING
Competitor of Sapporo KIRIN
Competitor of eBay UBID
Act out MIME
A party to INON
Rennes rejections NONS
Lounging slipper MULE
"To Live and Die ___" (1985 film) INLA
God, in Granada DIOS
Neutral shade ECRU
Peeved, informally POD
Steelers' grp. AFC
Hitchcock, for one FRED
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Divulge REVE
Women's beauty magazine LURE
Zilch NONE
Islands attire OHASHIRTS
Certain football pass LATER
Bright-eyed ERT
Fencing option EPEE
Narrow valley GLEN
Buddy BRO
TV character who says "You know I wouldn't talk in front of anyone but you" MRED
Like some sex PREMARIT
Support group for adolescents ATEEN
What may be dispensed from a dispenser SOAP
Phone button REDI
International prize first awarded to Stephen Hawking in 1979 BERTEINSTEINMED
Claim LEGE
Things that may all be off BETS
Conclude negotiations DOADE
Taverns and such ESELLERS
Buildup behind a dam SILT
___ bran OAT
Pirate captain mentioned in Poe's "The Gold-Bug" KIDD
With 42-Down, home construction material ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme UMINUM
Modest skirt MIDI
Perfect IDE
Whales like the one in "Moby-Dick" BINOS
Checks for the ex IMONY
Actor Ken OLIN
Like arrangements for some wedding receptions FLOR
Pilgrims John and Priscilla DENS
Leader between Mao and Jiang DENG
Not dressy CASU

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