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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 4th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 4th 2016.

December 4th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'A likely story!' YEAHIBET
'Despicable Me' supervillain GRU
'Ha! I was right!' TOLDYA
'I'm waiting ...?' WELL
'If you say so' IGUESS
'Phooey!' AWRATS
'Quiet down!' SHUSH
'Roger that' GOTIT
'The Lion King' villain SCAR
'The Twilight Zone' episodes, e.g TALES
'Yippee!' HOORAY
'You think I won't!' DAREME
'___ be my honor' ITD
1993 accord city OSLO
1993 accord grp PLO
7Up, in old ads, with 'the' UNCOLA
Actions of environmental extremists ECOTAGE
Actor Lugosi BELA
Aid for a big painting project SPRAYGUN
Auto-sharing company ZIPCAR
Baylor's home WACO
Benefit USE
Betray CROSS
Bio word NEE
Borodin's prince IGOR
Brisk tempo ALLEGRO
Buzz, so to speak PHONE
Capital NW of Jungfrau BERN
Cash in REDEEM
Church recess APSE
Confronts TAKESON
Country singer Lovett LYLE
December temp SANTA
Depiction in Bosch's 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' EDEN
Earning a Purple Heart, say HEROIC
Eco-friendly building certification, for short LEED
Evidence of a brawl SHINER
First African-American Disney princess TIANA
French city near the Belgian border LILLE
Gable part BUTLER
Giggled TEHEED
Got going BEGAN
Goya subject MAJA
Half a score TEN
Harshly bright AGLARE
Hindu honorifics SRIS
Hogwarts groundskeeper HAGRID
Home appliance giant RCA
Honey ___ Clusters (breakfast cereal) OAT
Hybrid citrus fruits UGLIS
Immunity enhancer BOOSTERSHOT
In bankruptcy RUINED
In line QUEUED
Italy's Isola d'___ ELBA
Java neighbor BALI
Jewelry chain ZALES
Kind of marker FELTTIP
Lady's man EARL
Land near a wharf QUAYSIDE
Laura of 'Blue Velvet' DERN
Leader who was Time's 2007 Person of the Year PUTIN
Like businesses on Yelp RATED
Like food EATABLE
Like you wouldn't believe ASALLGETOUT
Maker of business jets CESSNA
Many a suit has one, for short MBA
Michael ___, Brett Halliday detective SHAYNE
Middle word in a mall map phrase ARE
Milne character ROO
Modern greeting ECARD
Morris who directed 'The Fog of War' ERROL
Native New Yorkers ERIES
Naval conflict SEAWAR
New employee HIRE
New York team NETS
Org. with the magazine America's 1st Freedom NRA
Pay dirt ORE
Poet who wrote 'In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost' DANTE
Pride parade letters LGBT
Psychedelic experience LSDTRIP
Put up ANTE
Radius, for one ARMBONE
Runner-up's amount in an auction UNDERBID
Salacious look LEER
Salon offering TAN
Seafood order SCAMPI
Settled a score old-style DUELED
Sibling of Helios and Selene, in myth EOS
Singer Marie TEENA
Some info holders PDAS
Some rounds AMMO
Something that turns up when you snap your fingers? THUMB
Something to shoot with, briefly SLR
Speak for oneself? BRAG
Spellbound AWED
Spellbound AGOG
Spike TV's former name TNN
Stacking game TETRIS
Stick close to HUG
Story ___ ARC
Straggles TRAILS
Student taking Contracts, maybe ONEL
Summoned, in a way PAGED
Sunbathing locale POOLAREA
Surround RING
Surveillance device CAM
Swell AOK
Temper INURE
Things to chew on CUDS
Tie (up) LACE
Tire measure: Abbr PSI
Too much, in music TROPPO
Unwinding spot SPA
Villagers the Grinch stole from in Dr. Seuss WHOS
Went after ASSAILED
Western tribe OTOE
Word before and after 'yes,' in the Army SIR
Yemen seaport ADEN
___ a new film adaptation SEANPENNED
___ Doggie of old cartoons AUGIE
___ for just the right film role HELENHUNTED
___ for meatier film roles SHELLEYLONGED
___ himself as a big-screen film star RUSSELLBRANDED
___ into a major film star ORLANDOBLOOMED
___ lily SEGO
___ noire BETE
___ nova (musical style of the late Middle Ages) ARS
___ se PER
___ several filmmaking awards JAMESGARNERED
___ the film deal GLENNCLOSED
___ two film studios against each other BRADPITTED

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