Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, December 15th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 15th 2016.

December 15th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Cover with graffiti, say DEFCE
1990s sitcom about a bookstore owner ELLEN
Kid's father BILLY
Mideastern heat? UZI
Whups TANS
School whose mascot is Jumbo the elephant TUFTS
Juicy front-page story SPLSH
___ bag KIT
Fragrant Italian brandy GRAPPA
Bob who directed the 1966 musical "Sweet Charity" FOSSE
Be successful GOFR
Word with trip or strip POWER
"You said it!" AMEN
British ___ ISLES
"So what?" AND
Sports org. with pitching PGA
Lines on some maps: Abbr. RRS
1969 film whose working title was "The Loners" EASYRIDER
Larsson who wrote "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" STIEG
Volt per ampere OHM
"I will speak daggers to her, but ___ none": Hamlet USE
Came together MET
Dish in a tortilla FJITA
Part of a truck CAB
To some degree OFSORT
Like bon mots WITTY
Safe spaces ASYL
Summoned PAGED
Factor in a wine rating AROMA
Home to the Sami people LPLND
Green sides SALDS
British protectorate until 1957 MALYA
"Finally!" ATLST
Window coverings SLTS
Middling FIR
Escapade LRK
Kickoff DEBUT
"For shame!" TSK
Only tennis player to have won each Grand Slam event at least four times GRAF
Mrs. Alexander Hamilton ELIZA
Reuters competitor UPI
Words to live by CREDO
Bombing, as a joke FLLINGFLT
Parties hard, in modern lingo RAGES
Doc's image, e.g.? CEL
Drunks SOTS
Windows that are usually closed POPUPS
Singer with the 2008 album "And Winter Came ..." ENYA
Trendy type FSHIONPLTE
Spoil MAR
Say with a raised hand SWEAR
Tidy oneself PREEN
Slipper part SOLE
It's not allowed in many classrooms GUM
Discriminatory part of post-Reconstruction legislation GRANDFTHERCLUSE
Biblical beast ASS
Slim ___ (snack sticks) JIMS
To date ASYET
"That hurts!" YOWIE
Chippendales dancers have nice ones ABS
Short-stemmed vessel PARFITGLSS
Actor Epps OMAR
Bygone record label ARISTA
Is worth doing PAYS
Had something ATE
Title character who never appears GODOT
Christmastime refrain FLLLLLLLL
___ paper (abrasive) EMERY
Ill. neighbor IND
Plot feature of Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida" TRYST
Lines on some maps: Abbr. RDS

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