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New York Times Crossword Answers, December 5th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of December 5th 2016.

December 5th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'As you ___' WERE
'Dagnabbit!' DRAT
'Jeopardy!' host Trebek ALEX
'Li'l' guy of old comics ABNER
'Miss ___' (2016 thriller) SLOANE
'No worries' ITSOK
'Ready, ___, go!' SET
'The Real World' cable channel MTV
'Vive le ___!' (old French cry) ROI
'Welcome' thing at the front door MAT
'What have you been ___?' UPTO
1940s British guns STENS
2006 Winter Olympics city TORINO
After a fashion OFSORTS
After Karachi, the most populous city in Pakistan LAHORE
Aloe ___ VERA
Appear SEEM
Are able, biblically CANST
Baseball hitter's stat RBI
Bitcoins, for example ECASH
Boastful sort CHESTBEATER
Candy that's 'two mints in one' CERTS
Chicken ___ king ALA
Complete, as a crossword grid FILL
Cry with 'humbug!' BAH
Czar called 'the Great' PETERI
Days of old YORE
Deborah of 'The King and I' KERR
Electrical unit AMPERE
Exchange, as an older model TRADEIN
Feudal worker SERF
File folder projection TAB
Food, shelter or clothing NEED
Game with straights and flushes POKER
Get ready for a golf drive TEEUP
Honest ___ (presidential moniker) ABE
Impulsive RASH
Invitation to a questioner ASKAWAY
It grabs one's attention NECKSNAPPER
Keyboard, monitor, mouse and other devices PERIPHERALS
Kind of port on a computer USB
Knob next to 'bass' TREBLE
Like a standard highway TWOLANE
Like some short-lived committees ADHOC
Make ___ (set things right) AMENDS
Makes a boo-boo ERRS
Mormon Church, for short LDS
Muhammad Ali, for the 1996 Olympics TORCHBEARER
Native Israelis SABRAS
One of tennis's Williams sisters SERENA
One-named R&B singer who won a Grammy for his 2014 album 'Black Messiah' DANGELO
Playwright Edward ALBEE
Positions higher, as a camera angle UPTILTS
Program file suffix EXE
Really good joke KNEESLAPPER
Rock band fronted by Michael Stipe REM
Rock genre EMO
Sault ___ Marie, Mich STE
Schism RIFT
Soccer official, for short REF
Some Maidenform products BRAS
Something it's not mannerly to put on a dinner table ELBOW
Something scary HAIRRAISER
Sounds like a dog BARKS
Source of Peruvian wool LLAMA
Spanish 'other' OTRO
Successor to F.D.R HST
Suffix with narc- OTIC
Uncooked RAW
Vagrant HOBO
Wonderment AWE
Words exchanged at the altar IDO
Worries FRETS
___ Khan (Islamic title) AGA
___ wonder (musical artist without a repeated success) ONEHIT

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