Thursday, November 10, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 11th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 11th 2016.

November 11th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Hook remover, perhaps NOSEJOB
Most baleful EVILEST
"Huh, how about that!" WELLSHUTMYMOUTH
French crowd? TROIS
Only three-letter constellation other than Leo ARA
Driver's visual aids in bad weather FOGLAMPS
West Coast N.F.L.'er LARAM
Certain blackjack ACETEN
Basic order at Domino's CHEESEPIZZA
"Go ___ ways to a nunnery": Hamlet THY
Statement akin to "Have we met?" YOULOOKFAMILIAR
Bar activity KARAOKE
Headlines, for short? EEG
Fast-food debut of 1981 MCRIB
Turn tail? WAG
Drives off SHOOS
Hunky-dory FAB
Sugar lover ANT
Extended interview components BOOMMICS
Big name in auto parts ACDELCO
Give for a while LOANOUT
"I messed up ... what of it?!" SOSUEME
Jet settings HOTTUBS
White of the eye SCLERA
Yearbook div. SRS
Backing AEGIS
Actress Shire TALIA
"___ gratias" DEO
Blue hue SKY
Amphibian once associated with bad spirits NEWT
Big coverage provider AFLAC
Nipper TYKE
No longer stuck on OVER
___ Motel ROACH
Crop circles, e.g. HOAX
Part of many a rural skyline SILO
Line up AGREE
Former Soviet leader Andropov YURI
Singer Goulding ELLIE
Bad way to run LATE
Start of some Southwest city names LAS
Film title role for Tyrone Power and Brad Pitt JESSEJAMES
Theoretical MOOT
___Kosh B'Gosh OSH
Wrigley's field GUM
Noted bomb in a longtime war NEWCOKE
Energy qtys. BTUS
Block letters? SPF
Staying put PARKED
Skeptical rejoinder THATSABIGIF
Vegan milk source ALMOND
"Sketches by ___" (1830s work) BOZ
Criticize in no uncertain terms BASH
Ranchers' enemies COYOTES
Dispensary measures: Abbr. OZS
___-cow MOO
Civil engineering projects DAMS
One might take you in SCAMARTIST
Producer for Bowie and the Talking Heads ENO
___ sch. ELEM
French toast SALUT
Like Hawaiian shirts LOUD
Denver's ___ University REGIS
Place LIEU
Warranting a heart on Instagram, say CUTE
Bridge unit TRICK
Trochee's counterpart IAMB
Emperor after Galba OTHO
Father of Harmonia ARES

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