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New York Times Crossword Answers, November 6th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 6th 2016.

November 6th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Da Coach' DITKA
'Do your taxidermy on the patio instead!'? STUFFOUTTHERE
'Double' or 'triple' feat AXEL
'Mad About You' co-star HELENHUNT
'Noble' thing RAREGAS
'Not interested' NAH
'S O S,' e.g PLEA
'Silence is the ___ that nourishes wisdom': Bacon SLEEP
'The Princess Bride' theme TRUELOVE
'Today' rival, for short GMA
'Venus in Fur' playwright David IVES
'You can't make me' IREFUSE
'___ it go' LET
'___, captain!' AYE
1960s TV show whose star weighed 650 pounds GENTLEBEN
A foot on the ground in Phoenix? SNOWSURPRISE
Adjust, as a currency REVALUE
Always putting up my entry fees? STAKINGMEFOREVER
Amaze AWE
Artist who awards a biennial Grant for Peace ONO
Athlete's wear, informally UNI
Begin to tongue-lash STARTINON
Best Picture between 'Rocky' and 'The Deer Hunter' ANNIEHALL
Bit of jewelry STUD
Bogeyman SCARER
Broadcast RUN
Cab stopper? CORK
Classical pianist Levit IGOR
Comes later ENSUES
Comfort food causing oral discomfort? STEWDAMNHOT
Common New England street name ELM
Communication devices for commuters, once CARPHONES
Composer Bartók BELA
Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and that's probably it? SIOUXYOUKNOW
Criticize, in British slang SLAG
Deadly nerve gas SARIN
Discipline for paper tigers? ORIGAMI
Divorced APART
Do more repairs on REFIX
Drops to the ground? LITTERS
Engine sound PURR
Extract used in brewing WORT
February 14th figure EROS
Field of vision EYECARE
Follow closely HEED
Foreign: Prefix XENO
Formal wingdings SOIREES
Fraternity and sorority leaders, usually: Abbr SRS
Game with mallets played on a hard-surfaced court ROQUE
Genesis of an idea GERM
Get on one's high horse? MOUNT
Giant among Giants MAYS
Giant image over Gotham BAT
Gravy thickener ROUX
Groove-making needles STYLI
Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan FOUTS
Hard to pin down SHIFTY
Harley, in slang HOG
Harper's Weekly cartoonist Thomas NAST
Harpies NAGS
Herman who wrote 'This Is My God' WOUK
High dudgeon IRE
Home of Walmart ARKANSAS
Huge quantities RAFTS
Informal words of thanks IOWEYA
Insect that folds its wings TSETSE
It blows things up, in brief NITRO
It makes tracks TREAD
It's just for openers ANTE
John Kennedy ___, author of 'A Confederacy of Dunces' TOOLE
Kind of clef ALTO
Kind of replication RNA
Laid out for printing TYPESET
Left in a hurry SPEDAWAY
Like some tales or details SORDID
London lavs LOOS
Lyft offering RIDE
Mack of early slapstick SENNETT
Many, after 'a' SLEWOF
Maze solution PATH
Memo abbr ATTN
Middle-earth inhabitant ELF
Mystery ingredient in SweeTarts? SOURLITTLESECRET
Nearly throws a perfect game against, informally ONEHITS
New employee requirement, maybe DRUGTEST
Newcastle Brown and others ALES
Nipple rings AREOLAS
Of the highest quality TOPLINE
Ones who have it coming to them? HEIRS
Opposite of outflux INFLOW
Pennsylvania city YORK
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Place to get stuck RUT
Point of greatest despair NADIR
Port. is part of it EUR
Pressure, so to speak SCREWS
Prettify DOUP
Punk rocker Vicious SID
Put groceries away EAT
Radioactive form of hydrogen TRITIUM
Reaction of dismay OHNO
Real sport TROOPER
Republican, on an election map RED
River to the Ligurian Sea ARNO
Rough choice? EIGHTIRON
See 41-Down ILER
See 78-Across NUT
Selfish sort USER
Set free UNTIE
Skinflints PIKERS
Slogan for wine geeks? SIPTOBESQUARE
Small semicircular grooves on a column REEDING
Some Campbell's offerings BROTHS
Some wedding figures USHERS
Soup dumpling WONTON
Sure things ROLLONS
Surgical tube STENT
Terms of service TENURES
They might need guards SHINS
Thrown CAST
Trendy jeans feature RIP
Unchallenged ALONE
Unknown quantity XAMOUNT
Up against it INASPOT
Uses WhatsApp, say IMS
Walk while dizzy REEL
War hero ACE
What an overstuffed suitcase might do POPOPEN
Where many connections are made HUBS
With 60-Across, player of Tony Soprano's son ROBERT
With 96-Across, bit of Chinese cuisine LITCHI
___ Muggs, girl in 'Archie' ETHEL

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