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New York Times Crossword Answers, November 13th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 13th 2016.

November 13th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
One looking to serve mankind? CANNIBAL
Successful turn in the game Battleship HIT
Kind of tuition INSTATE
Where the buffalo roam PLAINS
Like a French door PANED
Maze word END
Nutritional amt. RDA
Ranchers COWMEN
With 102-Across not the only ONEOF
Major D.C. lobby NRA
Arena income GATE
Capital One competitor for short AMEX
Applied as cologne SPRITZED
Speed skater ___ Anton Ohno APOLO
Famed claim from Louis XIV LETATCESTMOI
Queen's mate DRONEBEE
Home to Hampshire College AMHERST
Turn a corner in Monopoly PASSGO
Religious branch sometimes spelled with an apostrophe SHIISM
Sole neighbor TOE
Bothers TODOS
Pizazz BRIO
Overhaul REDO
Cleansing substance SALSODA
Noxious emanations MIASMAS
William and Mary's successor ANNE
Aggressive bet ALLIN
Zeus' father KRONOS
Stupid mistake BONER
Van trailer? BUREN
Facilitated ENABLED
Minor setback HICCUP
Accommodate OBLIGE
N.B.A. stat: Abbr. PTS
Excuse OUT
Dread Zeppelin and the Wholigans TRIBUTEBANDS
Shake one's defender GETOPEN
Wastes gas say IDLES
Patriot ___ ACT
Org. in "Snowden" NSA
"Survivor" faction TRIBE
Baseless rumors CANARDS
Gentle reminder NUDGE
Plunged DOVE
School area that has mice PCLAB
Dip made with olives capers and anchovies TAPENADE
Violent storms TEMPESTS
Energy point in yoga CHAKRA
Wife on TV's "Family Guy" LOIS
Cantina vessel OLLA
It helps you stay above water LIFEVEST
Two for a buck ANTLERS
Downhill ski runs PISTES
The Doors album with the hit "Riders on the Storm" LAWOMAN
Victoria's Secret event BRASALE
Patriots' Day mo. APR
Spinoff drama featuring LL Cool J NCISLA
Some data storage media CDROMS
Deep gulf ABYSS
Like some wine casks OAKEN
Jonathan who co-created HBO's "Westworld" NOLAN
His: Fr. ALUI
Classic Orson Welles role KANE
Fareed Zakaria's employer CNN
Defense advisory grp. NSC
In excelsis ___ DEO
Swamp FEN
Follows the party line? CONGAS
Senator Vinick's portrayer on "The West Wing" ALDA
The rest of China to Hong Kong and Macau MAINLAND
Interstate highway feature ONRAMP
Chemically treated hairstyle PERM
The aerobics instructor wore ... PANTSANDASWEATER
"Then again ... " to a texter OTOH
British poet laureate Carol ___ Duffy ANN
Get even TIE
Obamacare option for short HMO
Interstate highway feature EXITLANE
The lawyer wore a ... SUITANDBRIEFS
Horn blower TOOTER
Wooden-soled shoes SABOTS
Curb with "in" REIN
Airer of 89-Down CBS
Open space in a forest GLADE
Affliction in "Philadelphia" AIDS
"A Fish Called Wanda" co-star Kevin KLINE
Borscht vegetable BEET
Destination of some SAS flights OSLO
The gardener wore ... BLOOMERSANDHOSE
"Whatever satisfies the ___ is truth": Whitman SOUL
Gallows item NOOSE
Bank fig. INT
Everyone's bets POT
Naval jail BRIG
"Fifty Shades of Grey" topic for short SANDM
Nickname for basketball's George Gervin ICEMAN
The reptile expert wore a ... TURTLENECKBOAANDCROCS
Recipe direction STIRIN
Quarter back? TAILS
"Star Trek" role SULU
"Isn't ___ shame?" ITA
Important BIG
"Death be not proud" poet DONNE
Gilbert Grape portrayer DEPP
The plumber wore a ... TUBETOPANDCLOGS
What fans do CLAP
Word repeated before show LATE
Partner of each EVERY
Logical flaw HOLE
Russian pancakes BLINI
Friend of Tarzan APE
Revise AMEND
Get exactly right NAIL
Much Etsy merchandise CRAFTS
Google Docs e.g. WEBAPP
The boxer wore ... SOCKSANDABELT
Away from work temporarily ONABREAK
Put on AIR
Hosp. areas ORS
22nd out of 26 VEE
See 9-Down MANY
The happily unemployed person wore ... SLACKSANDLOAFERS
Puts on ADDS
Means of escaping prison maybe TUNNEL
Smooth and continuous SEAMLESS
It's a loch NESS
Yellow-brown SIENNA
Sex ed topic CONSENT

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