Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 23rd 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 23rd 2016.

November 23rd 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
"The Walking Dead" network AMC
"That feels so-o-o good!" AAH
Org. for piece keepers? NRA
Gossip DISH
Quaint lament WOEISME
Ship part spelled with two apostrophes FOCSLE
"Uh-huh, of course" IBET
Amount left in Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard NONE
Animal in "Home on the Range" DEER
Ultimatum ending ORELSE
High military figure? PARATROOPER
Vichyssoise vegetables LEEKS
Help at the gym, say SPOT
Salty salad topping FETA
Noneditorial magazine worker, informally ADREP
"1984" worker PROLE
Sushi tuna AHI
Separate APART
"What, me worry?" magazine MAD
Nathan Hale, for the Colonies SPY
One of a Disney septet DOPEY
Composer Jule STYNE
Furniture concern SAG
___ and hers HIS
T, on a fraternity house TAU
Something hikers take PATH
Tight hug SQUEEZE
Scalp, say RESELL
Longtime Disney C.E.O. EISNER
Becomes compost ROTS
Company whose spokesduck is on Twitter AFLAC
Boston daily GLOBE
"Choosy ___ choose Jif" (ad slogan) MOMS
Crude letters? OPEC
Testing stage BETA
Skatepark fixture RAIL
Massage place SPA
___-out clause OPT
Former PBS host with a bow tie NYE
Fast-food chain known for its root beer AANDW
Edit menu option FIND
Iridescent stone OPAL
Princess Peach's savior in video games MARIO
Musical instrument with a flared end OBOE
Like N.F.L. games ending in a tie RARE
Standard feature of an action film CHASESCENE
Lakeside Ohio county ERIE
Something carried surreptitiously into an alt-rock concert? HIPSTERFLASK
Financing initials APR
The sun SOL
___ Park, Colo. ESTES
Perfect truck driver for the job? DREAMTEAMSTER
Company that makes Valium ROCHE
Family man PAPA
Some E.R. cases ODS
Race in an H. G. Wells book ELOI
Suspicious SHADY
Palindromic blast TOOT
___ cent PER
Two twos, for one PAIR
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Female street-racing champion? DRAGSTERQUEEN
Tip on a sweatshirt string AGLET
Note to a creditor IOU
Bagel variety RYE
Ostentatious member of the Mafia? FLASHMOBSTER
Piercing place LOBE
Prime hunting time OPENSEASON
Filmmaker Ferrara ABEL
Allocate, with "out" METE
Full of oomph ZIPPY
Sentence structure? CELL
___ for life SCAR
Delight ELATE

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