Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 3rd 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 3rd 2016.

November 3rd 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Aren't ___ pair?' WEA
'Get yer hands off!' LEGGO
'In the dark backward and ___ of time?': Shak ABYSM
'Vissi ___' (Puccini aria) DARTE
'Was that so hard?!' SEE
'What Women Want' actor ALDA
Actor Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games' LIAM
Alternative to watching live, nowadays DVR
Beach lotion letters SPF
Biblical miracle town CANA
Bit of planning board planning ZONE
Blind spot? SLAT
Board, in a way ENTRAIN
Carousel locale BAGGAGECLAIM
Carter/Brezhnev pact SALTII
Chevy that debuted in 2004 AVEO
City whose name sounds like a surprised greeting OJAI
Didn't do anything, say SATHOME
Draft SWIG
Drop ___ (moon) TROU
E-con? SPAM
Email heading FROM
English king deposed in the Glorious Revolution JAMESII
Fashion monogram YSL
Female rabbit DOE
Fervency ZEAL
Full-price payer ADULT
Gertrude of 1926 news EDERLE
Give in to a gut feeling? EAT
Glad handlers? FLORISTS
Golfo contents AGUA
Got moving HIED
Hardly adequate LAME
Home of Creighton U NEB
Icons of New York City CABS
Important Stratego piece FLAG
Improve HONE
Inexpensive way to go STEERAGE
Issue of concern to the AARP: Var AGISM
It's all about the pupil IRIS
Leave a dispute unsettled AGREETODISAGREE
Like a well-used mattress SAGGY
Lilting syllables TRALALA
Meaningless talk, in slang JAZZ
Not a fan of ANTI
Not shut tight AJAR
Noted 'army' leader ARNIE
Off-roaders, for short ATVS
Olympics racer LUGE
Part of a tweet HASHTAG
Person not to be trusted RAT
Pixel, e.g DOT
Prefix with -batics AERO
Rapper's headwear DORAG
Really, really dig GOMADFOR
Rink star Phil, to fans ESPO
Ritalin target, for short ADD
Role in 'Our Town' STAGEMANAGER
Saying ADAGE
Sea or way follower FARER
Self-titled debut album of 1982 ASIA
Signify MEAN
Silver ___ ORE
Skye of film IONE
Some sorority letters TAUS
Speak like Cicero ORATE
Staple of a vegan diet TOFU
State with emphasis AVER
Swimmer of myth NAIAD
Triage criterion NEED
Typographer's abbr ITAL
Utter, old-style SAYEST
Verb in 'O Come, All Ye Faithful' ADORE
Violin tuners PEGS
Where to go 'for the company,' per Mark Twain HELL
___-foot jelly CALFS

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