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New York Times Crossword Answers, November 14th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 14th 2016.

November 14th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Ladies' undergarment, casually CAMI
Stratford-upon-___ AVON
Patch up MEND
Game with an annual World Series held in Las Vegas POKER
Digs for pigs STY
Luau dish POI
Containers for serving coffee URNS
Explosive anger RAGE
Tribal healer SHAMAN
"Don't mind if ___" IDO
Where Batman and Superman live DCUNIVERSE
___ Star State (Texas) LONE
Pulls the plug on ENDS
Like nonprofits vis-�-vis taxes EXEMPT
What the best man holds for the groom RING
Debtor's note IOU
Eggnog spice NUTMEG
Attire in old Rome TOGA
1980s-'90s legal drama that won 15 Emmys LALAW
Have because of OWETO
"The Good Earth" author PEARLSBUCK
Fathered, as a racehorse SIRED
Opening remarks INTROS
Another name for the return key on a Mac ENTER
Takes a breather RESTS
___ and sound SAFE
Saxophonist with the #1 album "Miracles" KENNYG
___ Jima IWO
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
"Sure thing" NOPROB
Target competitor SEARS
Sugar and spice amts. TSPS
Light blue hue AQUA
Hatcher of "Tomorrow Never Dies" TERI
Smelting waste SLAG
"Love ya!" MWAH
Freedom from anxiety EASE
Manhattan law enforcement grp. NYPD
"I Like ___" (1950s campaign slogan) IKE
"Who am ___ judge?" ITO
Tennis court divider NET
Group of tents in the woods CAMP
San Antonio hoopsters SPURS
Goofing off IDLE
Onetime Chevy subcompact AVEO
Bat mitzvah reading TORAH
Rodenticide brand with glue traps DCON
S&P 500, e.g. INDEX
Rig on the road SEMI
"Super" game console NES
Jockey's strap REIN
Voting against ANTI
Hack (off) LOP
Getting ready to click on, as a link MOUSINGOVER
Impress greatly AWE
Foreign president with a black belt in judo PUTIN
Heredity transmitter GENE
Most's opposite LEAST
He said "I pity the fool" MRT
Mini racing vehicles KARTS
Gillette razor brand ATRA
Spooky EERIE
"Ready, ___, go!" SET
Eating quickly WOLFINGDOWN
Spots for getting stitches, in brief ERS
___ lily (Utah's state flower) SEGO
Mamas' boys SONS
Browser sub-window TAB
Chooses (to) OPTS
Arab Spring country YEMEN
Storing for future use SQUIRRELINGAWAY
Trickster in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" PUCK
Make a grand speech ORATE
Speak hoarsely RASP
Literally, "liquor," in Japanese SAKE
Archie Bunker, notably BIGOT
Place to store mowers and rakes SHED

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