Thursday, November 3, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 4th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 4th 2016.

November 4th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Deadly' vodka cocktail BLACKWIDOW
'It's not only me who thinks this' ASKANYONE
'What a knockout!' OOLALA
Ache (for) JONES
Actress Thurman UMA
Anagram of 'pots' STOP
Azalea with the 2014 #1 hit 'Fancy' IGGY
Basic PC program PAINT
Beside ALONG
Bright orange seafood delicacy SNOWCRAB
Bullet SLUG
Caesar dressing? TOGAS
Certain tablets NOOKS
Cutting edge producer STROP
Doing the job ONIT
Elite group of grads PHDS
Exercise at the Y, maybe SWIM
Firenze friend AMICO
Fiscal ___ CLIFF
Fractions of fluid ozs TSPS
Freisa d'___ (Italian wine) ASTI
Full-bodied STOUT
Hastened SPED
Informal summer wear SUNDRESS
Israeli seaport EILAT
Joyce Kilmer poem that starts 'I think that I shall never see' TREES
King ___ KONG
Knight in shining armor HERO
Magnetic flux unit WEBER
Make more powerful SOUPUP
N.C.A.A. hoops giant UNC
Nautical nuisance STOWAWAY
Not follow suit RENEGE
Off-color BAWDY
One of the Earp brothers WYATT
One stuck in the closet BROOM
One who doesn't need fancy wining and dining CHEAPDATE
Open-house grp PTA
Pot part ANTE
Pot remnant SHARD
Prestigious award or flattering compliment EGOBOOSTER
Process, in a way, as peanuts DRYROAST
Professional boxer? MOVER
Said something in jest JAPED
See 49-Down FIND
Senator who wrote 'Why Courage Matters' and 'Hard Call' MCCAIN
Serving of ahi TUNASTEAK
Settings for some Monet artwork PONDS
Sleazeball CAD
Something no one can sing? DUET
Source of the word 'geyser' ICELANDIC
Spa treatment favored by rock fans? HOTSTONEMASSAGE
Spill over SLOP
Sports bar bite NACHO
Square type FOGY
Sway with a partner SLOWDANCE
Take the top off UNCAP
Talk like a pirate, say SWEAR
Tempo PACE
Things short people have? DEBTS
Top part of a trunk, for short PEC
Tries to 54-Down SEEKS
Word from the Greek for 'feigned ignorance' IRONY
Word of mock fanfare TADA
Words from the speechless WOWJUSTWOW

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