Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 16th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 16th 2016.

November 16th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
News network with a stock ticker CNBC
Get better HEAL
Teen's affliction ACNE
Bart or Ringo STARR
Modest two-piece bathing suit TANKINI
Time in history ERA
Silent screen actress Naldi NITA
Dreamboat ADONIS
Genghis Khan, e.g. MONGOL
Singer of love songs BALLADEER
Cookie that started as a Hydrox knockoff OREO
Close NEAR
Tennis player who posthumously received a Presidential Medal of Freedom ASHE
Kicked off BEGAN
Rare blood type, for short ANEG
Gives a bad review PANS
Build-___ Workshop (toy retailer) ABEAR
"Why should ___?" ("No, it doesn't bother me") IMIND
Early American diplomat Silas DEANE
Available from a keg ONTAP
Crowd reactions to a daredevil GASPS
2015 Whitey Bulger biopic BLACKMASS
Maple syrup, essentially SAP
Achieve great success GOFAR
Mop, as a deck SWAB
Quickly pan (in) ZOOM
Microsoft's defunct digital encyclopedia ENCARTA
Question repeatedly posed by Ferris Bueller's teacher ANYONE
Indian drums similar to bongos TABLAS
Embarrassing laugh accompanier SNORT
Org. for the New York Liberty WNBA
Diarist Frank ANNE
Citrus drinks ADES
Chomsky who wrote "Syntactic Structures" NOAM
Big name in sports shoes AVIA
Country singer Loretta LYNN
Gift of ___ GAB
Like a virgin CHASTE
"Apocalypse Now" setting, familiarly NAM
___ fides (credentials) BONA
Bees collect it NECTAR
Altar vow IDO
Olympian war god ARES
Easily bruised fruit BANANA
"This weighs a ___!" TON
Jacob's first wife LEAH
Bob Cratchit's job in "A Christmas Carol" CLERK
City called the "Silicon Valley of India" BANGALORE
Like yellow 17-Acrosses RIPE
College in New Rochelle, N.Y. IONA
Org. with a "100 Years ... 100 Movies" list AFI
Ask "Can I?" repeatedly, say NAG
Musher puller SLEDDOG
Little Italian girls BAMBINAS
Actress Davis of "Beetlejuice" GEENA
Bad to the bone EVIL
Hang-ups SNAGS
Chows down EATS
Ball's partner ARNAZ
Post-lunch pick-me-up POWERNAP
British soldier in the Revolution REDCOAT
Computer cooler FAN
Mini-albums, informally EPS
Hawaiian coffee region KONA
Basics ABCS
Hendrix famously used one in his Woodstock rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" WHAMMYBAR
Record of the year ANNAL
Granny NANA
Like most knock-knock jokes OLD
Cool, in the 1960s GROOVY
Hamburger holders BUNS
When doubled, a 2010s dance NAE
Duke Ellington's "Take the ___" ATRAIN
Pub orders ALES
Tee preceder ESS
1960s TV icon whose name follows a pair of letters found, appropriately, 16 times in this puzzle's Across answers BATMAN

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