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New York Times Crossword Answers, November 20th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 20th 2016.

November 20th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Grabs before someone else does SNAPSUP
Famous crosser of the 39-Across MAGELLAN
Like jumpsuits ONEPIECE
Ready to be drawn ONTAP
7-up, e.g. TIE
Partridge family mother HEN
Cassock wearer CLERIC
Was creative HADIDEAS
Employed INUSE
___ truck TACO
Earthy color SIENNA
See 43-Across ATLANTIC
Milk shaker? CHURN
Letters teachers send to colleges, informally RECS
Yossarian's tentmate in "Catch-22" ORR
Sound from the Road Runner BEEPBEEP
W.W. II beachhead ANZIO
Hoity-___ TOITY
Wins over SWAYS
Protester's sign PLACARD
Commerce pact mentioned in the 2016 presidential debates NAFTA
Surveilled SPIEDON
Catcher near the plate? BIB
Chivalrous deeds BEAUXGESTES
C.E.O. and pres. LDRS
Puts out ISSUES
Iraq War subj. WMD
D.C. nine NATS
See 66-Across REDSEA
Jill Stein's group, with "the" GREENS
Unauthorized withdrawals? HEISTS
Anarchic action RIOT
Mantra syllables OMS
Gives the runaround EVADES
In one's dotage SENILE
Schoolroom with brushes and paint ARTLAB
Olive ___ (Popeye's gal) OYL
Famous crosser of the 70-Across MAO
9mm gun UZI
Main character on "How I Met Your Mother" TED
Pertaining to bones OSTEAL
Goggle at EYE
Instant: Abbr. NSEC
Long Island campus ADELPHI
"Pretty please?" CANI
Major theme of Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" EMPATHY
Something observed in church RITE
Something observed in church PEW
Write again REPEN
Famous crosser of the 115-Across NAPOLEON
Damsel, to a knight FAIRLADY
Register, as for a class ENROL
See 109-Across DELAWARE
Pepsi Max, e.g. DIETSODA
Field for Alfred Kinsey SEXOLOGY
Trinity part SON
Supports the Red Cross, say DONATES
Should that happen IFEVER
Parent's definitive "End of argument!" ISAYSO
Opening DEBUT
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Wilkes-___, Pa. BARRE
Like windows PANED
Used hip boots, say WADED
One dishing out digs GIBER
"Whip It" band DEVO
Actress Saldana ZOE
Certain cat TOM
Yoko from Tokyo ONO
Like good whiskey SMOOTH
Signed notes CHITS
They might jump through hoops for you ACROBATS
Civil rights activist ___ Helen Burroughs NANNIE
Place for a home pool, maybe LANAI
Comforting words THERENOW
What Bart Simpson has been since 1989 AGETEN
Draw forth EDUCE
One of the Borgias LUCREZIA
Rap's Salt-N-___ PEPA
Bad thing to be behind PRISONBARS
Shame PITY
Wham-O toy introduced in 1961 SLIPNSLIDE
Late actor Bill who played Radio Raheem NUNN
Some break dancers, informally BBOYS
Diminutive suffix ULE
Quickly APACE
Entice BAIT
Bit of fiction LIE
See 2-Down PACIFIC
Blow away AWE
Famous crosser of the 12-Down LINDBERGH
Brisk rival NESTEA
It's easy to park SMARTCAR
Euro pop? PERE
Baghdad's ___ City SADR
Highway infraction, for short DUI
Zuo Zongtang, a.k.a. General ___ TSO
"Vox populi, vox ___" DEI
Biblical figure referred to as a "son of the desert" ESAU
Blue Moon ___, three-time World Series winner for the 1970s A's ODOM
Deletions XOUTS
Famous crosser of the 45-Down MOSES
Ben who played the Wizard in Broadway's "Wicked" VEREEN
See 62-Down YANGTZE
Yes vote ASSENT
Fidgety ANTSY
Separated by a hairbreadth CLOSE
Picked as the one, say IDED
Fourth-largest news agency in the world TASS
"Rugrats" baby DIL
Internet ___ ERA
Abbr. seen in some dictionary definitions ESP
Little more than MERE
Flair ELAN
Beseeches PLEADS
Patron saint of soldiers and athletes SEBASTIAN
Mama baaer EWE
"The Tell-Tale Heart" author POE
Pale purple shade IRIS
Like gymnasts LITHE
Outside: Prefix EXO
Spread by light strokes DABON
"Teach" at a college PROF
Famous crosser of the 90-Down WASHINGTON
Airline with famously tight security ELAL
Summoned from the office, say CALLEDAWAY
Tenerife, por ejemplo ISLA
See 86-Down BEREZINA
May 8, 1945 VEDAY
As well TOBOOT
Displaced UPROOTED
Civil rights leader Medgar EVERS
Fidgety ONEDGE
Alms recipients THENEEDY
Bullpen setting RODEO
Coral reef predators MORAYS

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