Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 17th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 17th 2016.

November 17th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Passover mo., often APR
Get off the ground? LEAP
Color akin to turquoise BERYL
Work not of the buffa style OPERASERIA
Power plant quantity MEGAWATTS
They beat as one, in a U2 song TWOHEARTS
Hookups for hydrants WATERMAINS
Things ITEMS
Give a rip CARE
French connections ETS
Doesn't stick to the topic RAMBLES
Eyes, shoulders and knees have them SOCKETS
Father figures SIRES
Exams with a max. score of 180 LSATS
Acad�mie ___ Beaux-Arts DES
Video game featuring an archaeologist heroine TOMBRAIDE
Insect with multi-queen colonies PHARAOHAN
Piece of living room d�cor TABLELAM
Eurozone member beginning in 2015 LITHUANI
Dreaded guy? RASTAMA
Big jerks? TUGS
Walk all over USE
Having everything in its place TIDY
Done in desperation LASTGAS
Hot rod wheels MAGS
Prompts CUES
Jargon CANT
Sentence shortener, at times PLEA
Hit on the head BEAN
High priest? LAMA
Mitch who wrote the best seller "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" ALBOM
Careful way to think TWICE
Tree frog with a distinctive call PEEPER
Go after, as a fly SWATAT
Krypton, for one RAREGAS
Extras in many apocalyptic movies LOOTERS
Company's marketing group SALESTEAM
Nice ideas come from them TETES
Leave in a bad way STRAP
Class for a one-L TORTS
Big name in chain saws STIHL
Harold who directed "Groundhog Day" RAMIS
King of the 18th dynasty TUT
Dawdler SNAIL
Bishop's title in the Coptic Church ABBA
"The only sensual pleasure without vice," per Samuel Johnson MUSIC
Latina title: Abbr. SRTA
Camera variety, briefly SLR
Reactions of wonderment AHS
They come with strings attached TEABAGS
One of the eggs used in this 1986 film is now exhibited at the Smithsonian ALIENS
"Popeye" villain who sailed the Black Barnacle SEAHAG
Fed up with MADAT
Whirlpool subsidiary AMANA
Comment to a brother or sister AMEN
See Notepad MUMMY
Black birds ANIS

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