Monday, November 14, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 15th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 15th 2016.

November 15th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Buster Brown's canine sidekick TIGE
Something whiffed ODOR
Withdraw gradually WEAN
Targets of close shaves? STUBBLES
Some wrap holders PITAS
First place EDEN
What many writers write on DESK
Allow to LET
Unique feature of Wrigley Field IVYCOVEREDWALLS
Country whose capital is more than 4,500 feet above sea level NEPAL
Like some humor DROLL
Burros ASSES
Stat for Jon Lester ERA
Cubs' divisional rivals: Abbr. STL
Hoopsters' hoops RIMS
Familiar sayings SAWS
Secret plan PLOT
Modest reply to a compliment ITRY
Hall-of-Fame sportscaster Harry who regularly led the Wrigley Field crowd in singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" CARAY
Oscar : films :: ___ : ads CLIO
Toy block brand LEGO
"What ___ tell you?" DIDI
"Picnic" playwright INGE
Matures AGES
PC brand DELL
Thrilling ELECTRIC
Kylo ___, Adam Driver's role in "Star Wars" REN
Ballpark frank DOG
Stadium walkways RAMPS
Internet finance firm ELOAN
Decide to play for pay GOPRO
Glimmered SHONE
Some early PCs IBMS
Ascend GOUP
Chicken salad ingredient MAYO
Boy with a bow and arrow EROS
Mideast capital supposedly founded by a son of Noah SANA
Favorite PET
"My Kind of ___ (Chicago Is)" TOWN
Went 90, say SPED
The former Mrs. McCartney LINDA
What you may think of IDEA
Concern for beachcombers TIDE
Tinker to ___ to Chance (Cubs double play combo) EVERS
Curse of the Billy ___, Cubs "jinx" that ended in 2016 GOAT
Western tribe UTES
Things proofreaders look for TYPOS
Hall-of-Famer known as Mr. Cub ERNIEBANKS
Racer Yarborough CALE
Balls ORBS
Blog annoyances TROLLS
Backbone-related SPINAL
The year 254 CCLIV
Opposite of baja ALTA
Its inaugural flight was from Geneva to Tel Aviv ELAL
Kind of blitz MEDIA
2016 award for each Cub WORLDSERIESRING
Shag or bob STYLE
English lockup GAOL
Barely beat EDGE
Judy Jetson's kid brother ELROY
Moves like a whirlpool EDDIES
Entertain grandly REGALE
Trash-toting transport SCOW
Sleep like ___ ALOG
Wrigley Field events since only 1988 NIGHTGAMES
Finish pitching in a lopsided game MOPUP
Uncouth one BOOR
Newswoman Logan LARA
Capital in a Cole Porter song PAREE
Certain tax-free investment, for short MUNI
Home to French silk makers LYON
Bar drink taken in one gulp SNORT
What many writers write on SPEC
Cubs slugger with 609 home runs SOSA

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