Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 9th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 9th 2016.

November 9th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
Thurman of "Kill Bill" UMA
Some exam graders, for short TAS
Gallery-frequenting writer ARTCRITIC
"The French Connection" drug HEROIN
Library catalog ID ISBN
Chimney sweep's target SOOT
Passionate desire LUST
Persistent desire ITCH
One of the friends on "Friends" PHOEBE
1992 Clinton campaign song DONTSTOP
Shaq in old RadioShack commercials ONEAL
Angry look GLARE
Word before moth or cab GYPSY
Popular fleece-lined boots UGGS
"All My Children," e.g. SOAP
Literary figure of speech TROPE
Title in Uncle Remus tales BRER
Do one better than TOP
Islamic equivalent of kosher HALAL
Atlanta university EMORY
In the know about HIPTO
Tailored wear imparting confidence POWERSUIT
Come together UNITE
Cribbage or croquet needs PEGS
"It's the real thing" brand COCACOLA
Old French coin SOU
Munch between meals NOSH
"Free Willy" creature ORCA
Playful response to a zinger OHSNAP
Like occasions of celebration JOYOUS
Hair-raising experience SCARE
Trimmed back PARED
Three-star U.S. Army rank: Abbr. LTGEN
Muesli morsels OATS
Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite" MIRA
"Don't be ___" (Google motto) EVIL
Copier paper buy REAM
Clamp shape CEE
"The buck stops here" presidential inits. HST
Zion National Park's state UTAH
Long Island airport site ISLIP
Rapper Snoop ___ DOGG
Farm female MARE
Dixie, with "the" SOUTH
NPR's "___ a Game" ONLY
"Cosmos" subj. ASTR
Classic chocolate syrup brand BOSCO
___ tide (semimonthly event) NEAP
"Coach, make sure everyone's here" [N.H.L.] COUNTTHESTARS
Subj. for those working the angles? TRIG
Tom of "Happy Days" BOSLEY
"Coach, get 'em to today's game" [N.B.A.] BRINGTHEHEAT
Nonsense ROT
"Me too!" SOAMI
Infield fly rule play POPUP
Many a Charlton Heston movie EPIC
Falls into a La-Z-Boy, say PLOPS
Cornmeal bread PONE
Scout's job, briefly RECON
"Star Wars" droid, informally ARTOO
Halloween accessory WIG
"Coach, get those guys a little ice water" [N.F.L.] COOLYOURJETS
Belly flop effect SPLASH
Muscle group targeted by Pilates CORE
"Coach, nab a few of those curfew violators" [M.L.B.] CATCHSOMERAYS
Movie featuring Ben Affleck as a C.I.A. agent ARGO
Born yesterday, so to speak NAIVE
"That hurts!" OUCH
Walk like a tosspot REEL
Two of the heart's chambers ATRIA
180s UIES
Ferber who wrote "Show Boat" EDNA
Church choir selection PSALM
Proofreader's "leave it" STET

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