Monday, November 7, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 8th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 8th 2016.

November 8th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Bravo!' OLE
'Give me an example' NAMEONE
'MMMBop' band HANSON
'Whose woods these are I think I know' has four IAMBI
'___ had enough!' IVE
*Carolina wren, for South Carolina STATEBIRD
*Force from a hiding place SMOKEOUT
*Highly antioxidant beverage WHITETEA
*Place to buy paint ARTSTORE
*Sloth, for one TREEANIMAL
*Turnpike TOLLROAD
1982 sci-fi film with a 2010 sequel TRON
Actress Thurman UMA
Adjourn END
Annual sports prizes ESPYS
Asian body of water that's now largely dried up ARALSEA
Be of use AVAIL
Bulb units WATTS
Capital of Iran RIAL
Carefree adventure LARK
Cause to swell BLOAT
Cent gent? ABE
Collar NAB
Conger catcher EELER
Deer, to a tick HOST
Dinner at which everyone does the dishes? POTLUCK
Erse speaker GAEL
First instrument heard in the Beatles' 'She's Leaving Home' HARP
Garlic lover's dish, maybe SCAMPI
Gift on a 10th anniversary TIN
Grand Canyon sight MESA
Has control of the wheel STEERS
High spirits GAIETY
How people with colds may speak NASALLY
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Innocent sort NAIF
Kipling's 'Follow Me ___' OME
Las Vegas casino with a musical name ARIA
Lawyer: Abbr ATT
Like many bar bouncers BEEFY
Like many Craigslist items USED
Many a Punjabi SIKH
Marathoner's concern PACE
Meeting of Congress: Abbr SESS
Member of a mixed quartet ALTO
Minuscule div. of a minute NSEC
Miscellany OLIO
Name repeated before 'Wherefore art thou' ROMEO
Neighbor of Mich ONT
Nielsen of 'Airplane!' LESLIE
Number of hills in Roma SETTE
One who's new on board HIREE
Penitent person ATONER
Petrol unit LITRE
Places to buy furniture to assemble IKEAS
Private eyes, in slang TECS
Pulitzer-winning poet Conrad AIKEN
Pumas and panthers BIGCATS
Queen of the Jungle, in comics SHEENA
Realtor's big day ... or what each word in the answers to the starred clues can do OPENHOUSE
Ribbed pants, informally CORDS
Rice or Curry TIM
Sallie ___ MAE
Send packing OUST
SFO postings ETDS
Sign of sadness TEAR
Something worth waiting for? TIP
Surgeon's supply in the old days ETHER
Tale of adventure CONTE
Turbulent ROILY
Voting against ANTI
W.W. II naval craft PTBOAT
Wall Street inits NYSE
Winter Palace resident TSAR
___-Saxon ANGLO

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