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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 14th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 14th 2017.

May 14th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Is that so?' DOESIT
'The Late Show' airer CBSTV
'Told you so!' IKNEWIT
'Who ___?' AMI
405, to Flavius CDV
Abandoned BEHIND
Accountant's list ASSETS
Actor Don AMECHE
Aggrandize ENRICH
Aisle's head? SILENTA
All-inclusive ATOZ
Angel dust PCP
Apple of Discord thrower ERIS
Average SOSO
Battle-torn Syrian city ALEPPO
Bedfellow ALLY
Blind side protector, usually, in an offensive line TACKLE
Boneless cut SIRLOIN
Bourgeoisie CLASS
Brangelina was one ITCOUPLE
Brings up a menu with a PC mouse CLICKS
Catalyst SPARK
Charts again REMAPS
Chaucer's tongue ENGLISH
Cherished by DEARTO
City SSW of Seattle TACOMA
Colossal head sculptors OLMECS
Coming-out words IMGAY
Contraction lacking just a 'v' NEER
Contribute to a radio show PHONEIN
Creature also called a catamount PUMA
Credit card provider, e.g ISSUER
Cry to a sled dog MUSH
Cult leader killed in the Waco siege KORESH
Debt-ridden INAHOLE
Dexterous one HANDER
Did a cobbler's job on SOLED
Director Guillermo ___ Toro DEL
Disavows DENIES
Dropped out SCHOOL
Equal ARE
Fictional woodcutter ALIBABA
Fidel's brother RAUL
Figures out INFERS
First word in a Shakespeare title ALLS
First-year law student ONEL
Fishing item SINKER
Fox neighbor SAUK
Full of lip SASSY
Gliding step, in ballet CHASSE
Glowing ASHINE
Grand pooh-bahs BANANAS
H.S.-level exam GED
Having correct opinions MINDED
Heathrow facilities LOOS
Hideouts LAIRS
Home of the highest point in Africa TANZANIA
Home of Zeno and Parmenides ELEA
Huey, Dewey and Louie, e.g TRIO
Hybrid citrus UGLI
Indulging (oneself) in self-satisfaction PRIDING
Inhabitant of the ocean's benthic zone DWELLER
It lacks locks BALDSPOT
Item for a cafeteria worker HAIRNET
Juicy bits, in slang DEETS
Knightstick? LANCE
La preceder SOL
Lavish with attention DOTEON
Line to a pilot? GASMAIN
Many 'Star Trek' characters, for short ETS
Many profs PHDS
Mezzo-soprano, for female voices RANGE
Mushroom makers ATESTS
Necklace parts CLASPS
Neglected one, stereotypically CHILD
News highlights STORIES
No longer in the company, say AWOL
Nudge PROD
One of the Nixon daughters TRICIA
One using 32-Across, e.g SHIPPER
Onetime tool for talking online ICHAT
Org. that delivers USPS
Part of a chain ISLE
Part of a dead man's hand ACES
Person pretty far up the corporate ladder MANAGER
Peter out ABATE
Phoenix event REBIRTH
Poison victim's remedy IPECAC
Power machine in woodworking PLANER
Prince Buster's genre SKA
Profiting from the misfortunes of others FEEDING
R&R by oneself METIME
Rapper with the 4x platinum album 'Views' DRAKE
Reindeer moss, e.g LICHEN
Relative of a brasserie BISTRO
Rescues a foundling, say ADOPTS
Roadside stop INN
Russian film director Tarkovsky ANDREI
Sarah Palin, by birth IDAHOAN
Searcher for 'the lost village,' in film SMURF
Setting for John Ford's 'My Darling Clementine' OKCORRAL
Sibelius's 'Valse ___' TRISTE
Sight at a red-carpet event LIMO
Singer/reality TV personality Aubrey ODAY
Sinus suffix ITIS
Smooch BUSS
Smooth transition SEGUE
Start of a boast VENI
Suburb of Minneapolis EDINA
Syringe sensations PRICKS
Theft preventer ... or theft encourager FENCE
They may be unforced ERRORS
They provide backing for churchgoers PEWS
Think over SLEEPON
Threaten to fall TEETER
Tool for talking online WEBCAM
Transform, as larvae PUPATE
Treated with malice SPITED
U.S. heartland AMERICA
Vinick's portrayer on 'The West Wing' ALDA
Vulgar sort BOOR
Was belligerent MADEWAR
Waters and Kennedy ETHELS
Whack ICE
What old couches tend to do SAG
Where teams that have little-to-no chance of winning are found BRACKET
Where you might stop before going home THIRD
White House worker AIDE
Wings, to zoologists ALAE
Yoga equipment MATS
You might find one under a Christmas tree NEEDLE
[That's painful!] GRIMACE
___ Gunderson, sad sack on 'The Simpsons' GIL
___ up on (conspiring against) GANGING

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