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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 27th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 27th 2017.

May 27th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'At the ___' (subtitle of a 1978 hit) COPA
'Girls' girl played by Lena Dunham HANNAH
'The Aviator' actor, 2004 ALDA
'Well, yeah!' DUH
'Who'da thunk it?!' DONTTHATBEATALL
'___ it up and spit it out' ('My Way' lyric) IATE
1994-2000 TV talk show LEEZA
Attempt to cure TREAT
Battles VIES
Be subtly and snarkily insulting THROWSHADE
Bug catcher, maybe SPY
Carl Sagan's sequel to 'Cosmos' PALEBLUEDOT
Color close to puce PLUM
Company behind Hitchcock's 'Notorious' RKO
Crush ACE
Dickens character 'with a dead lull about her' HAVISHAM
Dungeons & Dragons race OGRES
During pregnancy ANTENATAL
Establishes ERECTS
Fellow GENT
Fictional swordsman ATHOS
Five-star TOPSHELF
Fountain growth ALGA
Great Trek figure of the 1830s BOER
Grill setting PATIO
Honor in a big way FETE
James and Jones of jazz ETTAS
Jim ___, one-handed Yankee who pitched a no-hitter in 1993 ABBOTT
Knuckle-headed antic? NOOGIE
Language related to Hopi AZTEC
Less genial ICIER
Like centerfolds, typically BOSOMY
Like many major highways SIXLANE
Like many towels TERRY
Like Mars vis-à-vis Jupiter NEARER
Md or Rn fig ATNO
N.E.A. member?: Abbr ASSN
Notable 1973 defendant WADE
Occasional meat eater FLEXITARIAN
One making bank-to-bank transfers? BOAT
One of two areas on a football line SLOT
Part of many a scandal COVERUP
Peddler of religious literature COLPORTEUR
Play award? ESPY
Portmanteau in the frozen food aisle OREIDA
Province of NW Spain LEON
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer EGAN
Quick to put up, in a way PREFAB
Relatives of kites ERNES
Science of nutrition DIETETICS
See how many hits you get, say EGOSURF
Spring's cyclic counterpart NEAP
Starts to practice TAKESUP
Stoked AGOG
Terse response to an order ONIT
Totally occupy TIEUP
Trailer segment CLIP
University in Melbourne FLORIDATECH
Use an e-cig VAPE
What's more ALSO
Word that's its own synonym when its first two letters are replaced with 'w' CHARY
Word with sound or storm SYSTEM

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