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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 15th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 15th 2017.

May 15th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Gimme a minute' ONESEC
'Here's to the newlyweds!,' e.g TOAST
'High' times NOONS
'Super' group buying campaign ads PAC
'Was ___ das?' (German question) IST
'___ Enchanted' (2004 film) ELLA
2000 Summer Olympics city SYDNEY
2016 film for which Viggo Mortensen earned an Oscar nomination CAPTAINFANTASTIC
Altar affirmation IDO
Ancient France GAUL
Black wood EBONY
Book with handwritten thoughts DIARY
Bother persistently NAGAT
Bottoms of high-tops SOLES
Car deal that's not a purchase LEASE
Century 21 rival REMAX
Chill out RELAX
Chocolate-covered morsel often eaten at the movies RAISINET
College officials DEANS
Command between 'Ready!' and 'Fire!' AIM
Common computer peripherals QWERTYKEYBOARDS
Cpl., e.g NCO
Crumb carriers ANTS
Departs GOES
Designer Geoffrey BEENE
Desirable feature of a rented room PRIVATEENTRANCE
Division of a play SCENE
Divisions of a play ACTS
Ducked (out) furtively SNUCK
Easel, e.g STAND
Elaine's last name on 'Seinfeld' BENES
Election mo NOV
Entire WHOLE
Escape FLEE
Fable's message MORAL
Flabbergast AMAZE
Forwards, as a misdelivered letter RESENDS
French designer's monogram YSL
Fruit often seen in still lifes PEAR
Genetic copies CLONES
Got into a row? OARED
Govt.-issued security TNOTE
Historic California route, with 'El' CAMINOREAL
Hoarse RASPY
Letter that doesn't need an envelope or stamp EMAIL
Mani-pedi place SPA
Many Monty Python skits FARCES
Mathematician Turing who was the subject of 'The Imitation Game' ALAN
Navigation instrument SEXTANT
Nelson Mandela's org ANC
Notion IDEA
One-third of pitching's Triple Crown, for short ERA
Opera highlight ARIA
Part of a person's psyche ... or a hidden part of 18-, 23-, 39- or 48-Across? INNERCHILD
Paths of pendulums ARCS
Pig's digs STY
Played (with) TOYED
Polo mount PONY
Pub purchases PINTS
Quetzalcoatl worshiper AZTEC
Schmoozing gossip YENTA
Schoolteacher's org NEA
See 10-Down DAY
Sigher's words AHME
Skirt fold PLEAT
Smallest OPEC nation QATAR
Soft drink in a green bottle FRESCA
Special Forces cap BERET
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Symbols of resistance OMEGAS
Talked incessantly RANON
The Enterprise, for example STARSHIP
Virus in 2014 news EBOLA
Weaving machine LOOM
With 62-Down, a spring festival MAY
Wonderland girl ALICE
___-Mex TEX

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