Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 3rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 3rd 2017.

May 3rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'First, do no ___' HARM
'I've got this one' ONME
'Kidnapped' monogram RLS
'Them' author Joyce Carol ___ OATES
'You're a regular ___!' (Kramden cry) RIOT
Almost any 'Li'l Abner' character YOKEL
Ballpark figures? STATS
Ballpark gate employee TICKETTAKER
Beethoven's German birthplace BONN
Billiard ball with a blue stripe TEN
Bit of burlesque SKIT
Bother persistently NAGAT
Burnett of CNN ERIN
Chinese revolutionary Sun ___ YATSEN
Comic Silverman SARAH
Comment made while sweating IMHOT
Cornell of Cornell University EZRA
Counterfeiter-catching Feds TMEN
Crosses off XSOUT
Davis of 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' ESSIE
Drink with ambrosia NECTAR
End of the quip TOOTHANDNAIL
Euro forerunner in Spain PESETA
Floater in a flume LOG
Formerly, in old times ERST
Give an epidural, e.g NUMB
Horse with a reddish-brown body BAY
Hydroelectric project DAM
Iowa birthplace of Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren SIOUXCITY
James with a posthumous Pulitzer AGEE
Kosovo native SERB
La Española, for one ISLA
La Salle of 'ER' ERIQ
Look that says 'I'm not happy' SCOWL
Luxury hotel amenity SAUNA
Many a first-time voter TEEN
Mohawk sporter on 'The A-Team' MRT
Month after diciembre ENERO
Month after juillet AOUT
Note in a kitty, perhaps IOU
Olympic blades EPEES
One with a high bar to reach POLEVAULTER
Pacific greeting ALOHA
Parcel out ALLOT
Parisian parent PERE
Particle with a or - ION
Poor dog's portion, in rhyme NONE
Pre-Easter purchase EGGDYE
Prefix with angular or lateral EQUI
Quip, part 3 ARGUE
Russian newspaper founded in 1912 PRAVDA
Served à la cherries jubilee FLAMBE
Shelter accommodation COT
Six-Day War weapon UZI
Stands at funerals BIERS
Stars and Bars org CSA
Start of a punny quip about two professionals WHENADENTIST
Stick that's chalked CUE
Sunni and Shia, for two SECTS
Tailwind for eastbound flights JETSTREAM
The 'one' in a one-two JAB
The Sun Devils' sch ASU
Three-dimensional fig SPH
TV sked letters TBA
U-turn from SSW NNE
Vintner's vessel VAT
Virgo/Libra mo SEPT
Vogue competitor ELLE
Walk in wooden shoes, say CLOMP
Wayne Gretzky, for about half of his playing career OILER
What a rejection may crush EGO
Word on a candy heart LUV
Words of approximation ORSO
Yale of Yale University ELIHU

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