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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 22nd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 22nd 2017.

May 22nd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'I'd be delighted' LOVETO
'Mr.' on the Enterprise SPOCK
'No' votes NAYS
'Purple ___' (Prince hit) RAIN
'Quaking' tree ASPEN
'S.N.L.' alum Cheri OTERI
'___ before beauty' AGE
'___-la-la' TRA
12 months, in Tijuana ANO
1950s prez IKE
Agent, in brief REP
Airport screening org TSA
All a tanker can hold SHIPLOAD
Altar area APSE
Arrested RANIN
Bale binder TWINE
Band that made Justin Timberlake famous NSYNC
Came clean, with 'up' FESSED
Casting out of a demon EXORCISM
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Chop (off) LOP
Chutzpah GALL
Cole ___ (side dish) SLAW
Concorde, for short SST
Corp. head CEO
Coverings pulled across infields TARPS
Cuisine with kimchi KOREAN
Do, re or mi NOTE
Double curves, as on highways ESSES
Fairy tale's first word ONCE
Feature lacked by Helvetica type SERIF
Fix, as a knot RETIE
Form of a papyrus document SCROLL
Gives the go-ahead OKAYS
Greek goddess of victory NIKE
Handsome man ADONIS
Heroin or Vicodin OPIATE
Historical periods ERAS
Home of 'Monday Night Football' ESPN
Homie BRO
Indy vehicles RACECARS
Insect in a colony ANT
Inverse trig function ARCTAN
Is in debt OWES
King of the gods in Wagner's 'Ring' cycle WOTAN
Library ID ISBN
Like baseball's Pacific Coast League AAA
Madison and Fifth in Manhattan: Abbr AVES
Maple syrup source SAP
Medicare drug benefit PARTD
Memorable 2011 hurricane IRENE
Mournful bell sounds KNELLS
Nest eggs for later years, in brief IRAS
Not fooled by ONTO
Not new OLD
Nuts for squirrels ACORNS
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across SCISSORS
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across TWEEZERS
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across CANOPENER
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across CORKSCREW
Org. advocating pet adoption SPCA
Otherwise ELSE
Place to play the slots CASINO
Pong game maker ATARI
Pool table triangle RACK
Refuge during the Great Flood NOAHSARK
Removed, as chalk ERASED
Resurrection figure CHRIST
Sault ___ Marie, Mich STE
See 1-Across ARMY
See 1-Across KNIFE
Sign of a sellout SRO
Tehran native IRANI
They're 'Red' in Boston and 'White' in Chicago SOX
Third-party account ESCROW
Veranda PORCH
Where all roads lead, it's said ROME
Windshield feature TINT
With 43- and 76-Across, camping aid SWISS
Word after bass or treble CLEF
Word sung three times before 'for the home team' in 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' ROOT
___ de Janeiro RIO

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