Monday, May 15, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 16th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 16th 2017.

May 16th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Celeste Aida,' e.g ARIA
'Curious George' books, e.g KIDLIT
'Divergent' actor James THEO
'Finished!' ALLDONE
'Understood, dude' IDIG
'You win,' alternatively ILOSE
'___ it ironic?' ISNT
1920s car REO
A Bobbsey twin NAN
Affected manner AIRS
Aid for administering an oath of office BIBLE
Ballet step PAS
Big inits. in the aerospace industry ITT
Charge for a plug? ADFEE
Chicago squad in old 'S.N.L.' skits DABEARS
Complete block BAN
English johns LOOS
Evelyn Waugh's writer brother ALEC
Famous Tokyo-born singer ONO
Fleeces CONS
Fusions BLENDS
Futures analyst? ORACLE
Gave an exam TESTED
Get dog-tired POOPOUT
Got some sun TANNED
Honor with insults ROAST
Hunter's freezerful, maybe VENISON
Imps are little ones DEVILS
Infantile BABYISH
Interpret READ
Laborious task SLOG
Marching well INSTEP
Martin who wrote 'London Fields' AMIS
MARYLAND O = Period in which nothing special happens NORMALDAY
Mule's father ASS
Muslim leader IMAM
NEBRASKA T = Mortgage specifications BANKRATES
Neither here nor there? ENROUTE
Nod from offstage, maybe CUE
One-in-a-million event MIRACLE
Option words ORS
Outer protein shell of a virus CAPSID
Parodied SENTUP
Passes by ELAPSES
Phishing target: Abbr SSN
Phishing targets, briefly IDS
Places where oysters are served RAWBARS
Prepares to shoot near the basket, say POSTSUP
Prince William's mom LADYDI
Professional headgear that's stereotypically red FIREHAT
Put off DETER
Rears of ships STERNS
Rode the bench SAT
S. Amer. home of the tango ARG
Sacagawea dollar, e.g COIN
Salad green KALE
Scatterbrained DITSY
Segment of a binge-watch EPISODE
Shaving mishaps NICKS
Short dance wear TUTU
Smoked marijuana USEDPOT
SoCal force LAPD
Straight downhill run on skis SCHUSS
Verve PEP
Victim of river diversion in Asia ARALSEA
View, as the future SEEINTO
WASHINGTON R = Intimidation tactic WARNINGSHOT
Whole slew RAFT
Whopper inventor LIAR
Word repeated in 'Ring Around the Rosy' before 'We all fall down' ASHES
[You crack me up] LOL
___-relief BAS

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