Monday, May 8, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 9th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 9th 2017.

May 9th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' figure COP
'Don't touch that, honey!' NONO
'Hello' singer, 2015 ADELE
'Hogan's Heroes' colonel KLINK
'Swan Lake' article of attire TUTU
Amber Alert, e.g., for short PSA
Barn topper VANE
Blue-blooded WELLBORN
Breathing problem APNEA
Briefly put pen to paper, say WROTEANOTE
Buy and sell, as stocks TRADE
City between Gainesville and Orlando OCALA
Class that covers Reconstruction and Prohibition USHISTORY
Complete the negotiations SEALADEAL
Cut (off) LOP
Deborah of 'The King and I' KERR
Decorative pitchers EWERS
Direct, as a collision HEADON
Drink with crumpets TEA
Engine capacity unit LITER
Frowny looks SCOWLS
Garden amphibians TOADS
Garfield's foil in the comics ODIE
Give up on, in slang BAG
High-pH substance ALKALI
Hit with a Taser ZAP
Hollywood's Diane, Buster or Michael KEATON
Increase GROW
Jacob's biblical twin ESAU
John of 'Saturday Night Fever' TRAVOLTA
Letter between zeta and theta ETA
Like the number of games in a 'best of' series ODD
Look upon with lust LEERAT
Look upon with lust OGLE
Main role LEAD
Mushroom variety MOREL
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
Nestlé bars filled with tiny bubbles AEROS
Nod off DOZE
Noted berry farm founder Walter KNOTT
Obsolescent desktop accessories ROLODEXES
Org. for top-notch H.S. students NHS
Organ part PEDAL
Oscar winner Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club' LETO
Pinch in the kitchen DASH
Pitchfork point TINE
Plains tribe members OTOS
Politico Gingrich NEWT
Poses a poser ASKS
Practice boxing SPAR
Prepare for someone's birthday, perhaps BAKEACAKE
Puts up, as a painting HANGS
Qantas Airways symbol KOALA
Radar response ECHO
Radio host John TESH
Rejoice EXULT
Relatively cool red giant SSTAR
Rocky glacial ridge ARETE
Secure some urban transportation GRABACAB
Seed cover ARIL
Skateboarder's incline RAMP
Social adroitness TACT
Sporty Mazda MIATA
Start of the fourth qtr OCT
Swahili master BWANA
Swedish aircraft giant SAAB
Takeout food together with a Netflix movie, maybe CHEAPDATE
Teenage skin malady ACNE
Terre Haute sch ISU
The second 'S' of MS-DOS: Abbr SYST
Tip of the Arabian Peninsula OMAN
View furtively SNEAKAPEEK
Was the clue giver in Pictionary DREW
Was vaccinated GOTASHOT
___ tweed HARRIS

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