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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 11th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 11th 2017.

May 11th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Deal!' IMIN
'Excuse you!' elicitor BURP
'Suh-weet!' YES
'That tastes awful!' ICK
1980s-'90s Oldsmobile CIERA
19th of 24 TAU
Affluent MONEYED
Ali Baba and others ARABS
Ancient Roman thermae BATHS
Angel dust, briefly PCP
Bagel topper SCHMEAR
Be too sweet CLOY
Biblical wife of Elimelech NAOMI
Big gulp SWIG
Bread at a Greek restaurant PITA
Card game requiring quick reflexes SPIT
Comfortably inviting ... or, phonetically, a clue for 20-Across? HOMEY
Commodious ... or, phonetically, a clue for 58-Across? ROOMY
Dead reckoning? ESTATETAX
Doesn't retire STAYSUP
Duchamp contemporary ARP
Eerie gift in 'The Dead Zone,' for short ESP
Emolument PAY
Eric who played Hector in 'Troy' BANA
First option PLANA
Football stat YARDS
Good sign? HALO
Goulash flavorer PAPRIKA
Grandiosity POMP
Grows fond of TAKESTO
Hair bun TOPKNOT
Helpful pointer ARROW
How you might be referred to ONE
Hunky-dory AOK
Invitation particular WHEN
It might be just a line or two CAMEO
Kylo ___ of 'Star Wars' REN
Leading man? ALPHA
Level of judo proficiency DAN
Long time AGE
Mauna ___ LOA
Meeting bigwig CHAIR
Metaphor for a fresh start NEWDAY
Newcastle upon ___, England TYNE
Nitrous ___ OXIDE
Not straight SLY
Online provocateur TROLL
Oomph PEP
PC file suffix EXE
Pickup line? NEEDARIDE
Polling fig PCT
Prison weapons SHIVS
Raskolnikov's lover in 'Crime and Punishment' SONYA
Return fare? RANSOM
Rook or gull SCAM
Screws up the courage DARES
Set straight ALIGN
Seventh of 24 ETA
Sewer of note ROSS
Soft cap BERET
Somber ... or, phonetically, a clue for 29-Across? GLOOMY
Something passed at a meeting, maybe HAT
Something to shoot for PAR
Spin out on the ice? AXEL
Splash guards, of a sort APRONS
Subject studied at Hogwarts SORCERY
Test done in pre-op EKG
Unsolved mysteries OPENCASES
Voice amplifier MEGAPHONE
What doggerel usually lacks METER

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