Friday, May 19, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 20th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 20th 2017.

May 20th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Heck yeah!' ISUREDO
'Listen!,' e.g PLEA
'Look before you leap' source AESOP
'Meridian' and 'The Temple of My Familiar' novelist ALICEWALKER
'Mr.' who has stitches in his face MET
'None but the Lonely Heart' writer/director, 1944 ODETS
'That's cheating!' NOFAIR
Actor Ansari AZIZ
Amplifier for stage actors FLOORMIC
Became clouded over DARKENED
Bit of work TASK
Bit of work ERG
Brazil's fourth-largest state by population BAHIA
Bunny picker-upper? DUSTMOP
Celebratory move popularized by Cam Newton DAB
Control Y on a PC REDO
Driving the wrong way? JOYRIDE
Edamame discard POD
Egyptian sky god HORUS
Extended stretch EON
Fish market supply ICE
French pronoun ILS
Gearshift part KNOB
Got into a lather SOAPEDUP
Gullible rodent in a Scott Adams comic RATBERT
Hamilton settings TENS
Individually FOREACH
Lab, for one POOCH
Like a blue jay CRESTED
Like a film that's 2 1/2 hours or so LONGISH
Like bad drivers, often HONKEDAT
Like some light smokes LOWTAR
Marble ___ RYE
Metric for gauging female representation in works of fiction BECHDELTEST
Muckraker who pushed for 'model tenements' RIIS
New Orleans cocktail SAZERAC
Onetime MTV figures VJS
Optometrist's favorite musical note? CSHARP
Part of a modern circuit SILICONCHIP
Place to pick up chicks COOP
Played for a sap USED
Player, perhaps CAD
Political cartoonist Edward SOREL
Reading block? CODE
Real-life ice age beast seen on 'Game of Thrones' DIREWOLF
Regional coverage plan? ZONEDEFENSE
Run through STAB
Ski town near Mount Mansfield STOWE
Sloppy joe ingredient TOMATOSAUCE
Smart PERT
Snapchat feature that alters one's features FACESWAP
Some chess sacrifices TRAPS
Some shooting stars AIRACES
Spanish seasoning SAL
Sprint competitor VERIZON
Stadium cry OLE
The Philippines' ___ Archipelago SULU
They can't stay quiet when tickled IVORIES
Things with periods in their names SITES
Vegan sushi option AVOCADOROLL
Welcomed blessing? SNEEZED
Western legend, familiarly THEDUKE
Work that shows love ODE
[Just like that!] POOF
___-tab ALT

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