Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 25th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 25th 2017.

May 25th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Hamilton' duelist BURR
'How do you ___?' FEEL
'Jeopardy!' boardful CLUES
'Love & Basketball' co-star, 2000 OMAREPPS
'Moonlight' star Mahershala ALI
'___ Comedy Jam' DEF
'___ favor' POR
'___ Sings Gershwin' (1950 jazz album) ELLA
2010 title role for Denzel Washington ELI
Another go ROUNDTWO
Anti-bullying ad, e.g., for short PSA
Appease PACIFY
Back to? FRO
Barbecue dish RIBS
Bigheadedness EGO
Blue Angels performances AIRSHOWS
Branch ARM
Bronze-ish TAN
Cameo role at the end of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' LEIA
Central Italian river ARNO
Challenges for movers PIANOS
Cobb salad ingredient EGG
Consumer advocate Brockovich ERIN
Cool Ranch chip DORITO
Copy APE
Declined SLID
Direction to which a pointer may point YON
Dogie, e.g ORPHAN
Drug cop NARC
Emmy-nominated Lucy LIU
Erupt SPEW
Faux ___ PAS
Go on a little too long DRAG
Goes high SOARS
Guard the 2001 N.B.A. M.V.P.? COVERIVERSON
Heavily engaged (in) IMMERSED
In haste RASHLY
Just in case LEST
Less welcoming ICIER
Letters on a bottle at the beach SPF
Maker of Almay cosmetics REVLON
Many a Trump property GOLFRESORT
Mexican shawl SERAPE
One who might get down to Alabama? LINEDANCER
Org. with Card games MLB
Pantheon list? ROLLOFICONS
Pet with a dewlap and a beret? FRENCHIGUANA
Piggery STY
Possible result of spilling grape juice on a map of the Middle East? PURPLEIRAN
Prefix meaning 'internal' ENDO
Promote shamelessly FLOG
Public relations pivot REBRAND
Record label for Usher, Pitbull and Pink RCA
Regarding ASFOR
Renowned Harlem venue APOLLO
Service symbolized by a dot and three curved lines WIFI
Shakespeare title word ADO
Some derivative drawings FANART
Space science, for short ASTRO
Sporting chant OLE
Start of many a chain email FWD
Symbol gotten by typing Ctrl Alt E, in Microsoft Word EURO
That is to say IDEST
Thespian's quest PART
Tips, e.g ADVICE
Toast option RYE
Trailblazer's declaration ... or a hint to 17-, 19-, 34- and 51-Across ILLGOFIRST
Wait in a strategic location, in video game lingo CAMP
Way through une ville RUE
Wood that doesn't burn easily ASPEN
Word between 'facts' and 'facts' ARE
Year that Michelangelo started 'David' MDI
___ Nashville (major country label) MCA

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