Thursday, May 18, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 19th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 19th 2017.

May 19th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'It's now or never' LASTCHANCE
'Let's get real here ...' COMENOW
'The ponytail's hipster cousin,' per GQ MANBUN
86 or 99 AGENT
88 or 98 OLDS
Abundance SLEW
Agenda-topping issue MAINITEM
Article of attire with strings BONNET
Bratty girl on 'Little House on the Prairie' NELLIE
Class clown's comeuppance DETENTION
Classic arcade game with a glass backboard that shatters NBAJAM
Commander during John Brown's capture in 1859 LEE
Competitor of Cartier OMEGA
Converge MEET
Convictions TENETS
Crafty sort SNEAK
Dogged it IDLED
Eponym of USA Track & Field's highest award OWENS
French filmdom CINE
Get sidetracked DEVIATE
Half spoken, half sung INTONED
Having hit successfully, say ONBASE
Heavy rain BARRAGE
It may be poached PEAR
It shares a key with a caret SIX
Its honorees plan to become one ENGAGEMENTPARTY
Large W.W. II area: Abbr ETO
Marking for a very soft passage PPP
Means of travel for a V.I.P LEARJET
Messages with emojis TEXTS
Momentarily ANYSECOND
Moorish castle ALCAZAR
Mothered or fathered REARED
Nailing a performance CRUSHINGIT
Naturally blind EYELESS
Obliterates ZAPS
Old-fashioned letter opener MYDEARSIR
Org. for forensic specialist Abby Sciuto NCIS
Origination point of some drips EAVE
Part of a blended family STEPMOM
Pet sounds MEWS
Photo ID issuers DMVS
Plays peacemaker INTERVENES
Port whistler TUG
Put back together MEND
Qualifier in 46-Across IMO
Rid of inefficient extras STREAMLINE
Savory Indian appetizer SAMOSA
Sheet music abbr ARR
Show great fondness DOTE
Size zero, say TEENY
Some patrons: Abbr STS
Soupçon HINT
Started to work KICKEDIN
Still learning the ropes of NEWTO
Strong and majestic LEONINE
Survivor's cry IMALIVE
They may be soaked up RAYS
They're favorites SEEDS
View from Catania ETNA
Voice-activated Amazon device ECHO
W.W. II service member WAC
Walk all over ABUSE
Weightlifter's concern GRIP
What makes consumers blush? AVON
What motivates people to get to first base during a game? KISSCAM
Wrongly assumed USURPED
___ pros. (lawsuit abbr.) NOL

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