Thursday, May 25, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, May 26th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 26th 2017.

May 26th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Here's one example ...' FORINSTANCE
'I'm pleasantly surprised' NOTTOOBAD
'Strange Magic' band, for short ELO
'Tell me more ...' KEEPTALKING
A back-seat driver can't do this RIDESHOTGUN
Alternatively ELSE
Amusing bits of trivia FUNFACTS
Bear in 'The Jungle Book' BALOO
Bible belt? SMITE
Chief justice in the Dred Scott verdict TANEY
Choir part ALTO
Content often written by lawyers FINEPRINT
Coronation, e.g RITE
Cricket, to a grasshopper, or vice versa COUSIN
Cruet contents OIL
Donnie of a 2001 cult film DARKO
Dora the Explorer, for one: Abbr SRTA
Feature of some digital photos TIMESTAMP
Feta sources EWES
Finished up, as cupcakes ICED
Fragrant wood PINE
Glass with bubbles FLUTE
Gutsy BOLD
Hanukkah serving LATKE
Highly inflationary SOARING
Highway sign abbr JCT
Honda's luxury brand ACURA
How some YouTube videos go VIRAL
Like clarinets REEDED
Lumbering sorts OAFS
More than concerned ALARMED
Mother of Helen of Troy LEDA
Neighbor of N.Y ONT
Org. that promotes Energy Star Day EPA
Part of E.S.T.: Abbr STD
Places to keep 9-Down: Abbr ACCTS
Puma parts LACES
Quinine, for malaria CURE
River or dynasty name HAN
Smart ___ ALEC
Some Caltech alums: Abbr ENGS
Some plum tomatoes ROMAS
Some tracks SONGS
Something ring-shaped ATOLL
Something ring-shaped TORUS
Sport featuring clay disks SKEET
Sport for rikishi SUMO
Stayed out when you shouldn't have? OVERSLEPT
Surgical tool FORCEPS
Taking away LESS
Talk show hosted by a Harvard grad CONAN
Terse admission of guilt ILIED
The ___ Marbles (British Museum holding) ELGIN
They're hailed on Broadway CABS
They're often installed in the spring, for short ACS
They're tender MONIES
To God, in a hymn DEO
Tunes to accompany dimmed lights MOODMUSIC
Unknowingly reveal BETRAY
Victoria, e.g.: Abbr STA
What doesn't have a second to lose? ATOMICCLOCK
Woven trap WEB
Writer's deg MFA
___ mocha CAFFE

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