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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 29th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 29th 2017.

May 29th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'If only ___ listened ...' HED
'We all ___ little mad sometimes': Norman Bates GOA
'You agree with me?,' informally AMIRITE
Aperitif with black currant liqueur KIR
Archie's wife on 'All in the Family' EDITH
Author Austen JANE
Beating at chess MATING
Big movie format IMAX
Blocking someone's path INTHEWAY
Borden milk mascot ELSIE
Bothers the conscience of NAGSAT
Bro, e.g SIB
Celestial Seasonings product TEA
Concepts not meant to be questioned DOGMAS
Counterparts of dahs in Morse code DITS
Darkest part of a shadow UMBRA
Do a perfunctory performance MAILITIN
Dow Jones stat AVG
Duo plus one TRIO
Eisenhower, informally IKE
Epoch of rare distinction GOLDENAGE
Etch A Sketch or yo-yo TOY
Fact-gathering org CIA
Former Israeli P.M. Ehud BARAK
Fortitude GRIT
Goal for a mountaineer ASCENT
Greet with humility BOWTO
Houses in Havana CASAS
Idle drawings DOODLES
In apple-pie order NEAT
Jul. follower AUG
Kiss like an Eskimo RUBNOSES
Land of Blarney EIRE
Like a diet lacking bread or pasta, for short NOCARB
Marilyn Monroe, notably BLONDE
Mind-body exercise YOGA
More evasive with the truth CAGIER
Neap and ebb TIDES
One finally done with finals? GRAD
One-named rap star DRAKE
Opposites of true believers INFIDELS
Optima and Cadenza car company KIA
Part of a car's exhaust system MUFFLER
Performer with a fan GEISHA
Period of supreme courage and achievement FINESTHOUR
Puts back in the oven REHEATS
Puts back to 0, say RESETS
Scoundrels KNAVES
Second-largest Hawaiian island MAUI
Shocked response GASP
Singer Mitchell who wrote 'Woodstock' (but didn't attend) JONI
Sit and mope SULK
Something circled on a calendar REDLETTERDAY
Something you reach out and take? SELFIE
Substituted 'math' for 'mass,' say LISPED
The 'A' of I.P.A ALE
Timeless, to Shakespeare ETERNE
To and ___ FRO
Tool for the Grim Reaper SCYTHE
Toothbrush brand ORALB
Topic of a happy annual report BANNERYEAR
Tousled look of the recently woken BEDHEAD
Trumped-up charge BUMRAP
TV network whose logo is a peacock NBC
TV network whose logo is an eye CBS
Uplift RAISE
Visine application EYEDROP
When TV viewership peaks ... or a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 53-Across PRIMETIME
With hands on hips AKIMBO
X-ray ___ (gag gift) SPEX
___ Falls, N.Y SENECA
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
___ Pieces REESES
___ Tunes (Warner Bros. cartoons) LOONEY
___-K (early schooling) PRE

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