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New York Times Crossword Answers, May 4th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of May 4th 2017.

May 4th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Ain't gonna happen!' NOD
'Aye,' e.g ASSENT
'Curiously strong' mint ALTOID
'Mad Men' femme fatale JOAN
'Miss Manners,' for one ADV
'Que Sera Sera' singer, 1956 DAY
'___ Mio' OSOLE
11/11 ARMIST
A snifter has a short one STEM
Accountant's stamp PAID
Actor who won comedy and drama Emmys for the same role ASNER
Ancient Greek market AGORA
Ancient pyramid builders MAYANS
Arctic plain TUNDRA
Audio equipment brand AIWA
Béarnaise ingredient EGG
Beersheba's region NEGEV
Bellyache MOAN
Biblical verb HATH
Close, in a guessing game WARM
Cobra fighter MONGOOSE
Comics character who was perpetually 19 LILABNER
Cone producer FIR
Counts (on) RELIES
Crunch time helper, maybe OFF
Doorway components JAMBS
Dormant volcano near the Turkish/Iranian border ARARAT
Extorting from BLEEDING
Film composer Morricone ENNIO
Footnote word IDEM
Frankfurter DOG
Generous, affable sort MRN
Group effort TEAMWORK
Harsh cries YAWPS
Headliner STAR
Helping hound SERV
Hit 2002 animated film AGE
Incur cellphone charges, maybe ROAM
Involve unwillingly DRAGINTO
It might precede a pickup line LEER
It's out of this world SPACE
It's passed on LORE
Jell-O pudding flavor OREO
Jumper cable connection points ANODES
Like albinism RARE
Like natural gas and carbon monoxide ODORLESS
Lots of disputin' from Rasputin? NYETS
Make shipshape, as a ship SWAB
Many a Mormon UTAHN
Meddlesome sort SNOOP
Novel writing PROSE
One collecting money on the sidewalk? METER
Patrol wagon POL
Pianist Cliburn VAN
Playhouse locale, perhaps TREE
Quirky sort ODDONE
Russian river to the Arctic Ocean LENA
Salon shade HENNA
Seacrest of 'American Top 40' RYAN
She, in Salerno ESSA
Shouted casual greeting HOLLA
Snacks served with cerveza TAPAS
Something to clear up? ACNE
Spicy cuisine style HUNAN
Spreads outward FLARES
They might come in packs WOLVES
They're pushed on planes BARCARTS
Ticked off PEEVED
Time's partner, informally TEMP
Up to the task ABLE
Very low-risk investment, familiarly TBILL
Wardrobe malfunction TEAR
Waterfall CATARACT
Weasel word? ERMINE
What a dowsing rod or a slingshot has YSHAPE
White-haired OLD
Winter driving hazard ... or a literal hint to four squares in this puzzle BLACKICE
Wise ___ GUY
WWW programming code HTML
___ a soul NARY
___-Caps (Nestlé brand) SNO

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